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I have roamed all the way back to page 6 of the discussions. All Right!!! I admit that I kept getting distracted by all the goings on, both witty and serious, while I was gone. It took me a while to catch up. But I couldn't find my favorite discussion. "Random Thoughts". Finely on a random chance, I looked in the Games Dept. There it is. I don't understand. Who thought "Random Thoughts" should be in the games group? It's not fair. When I play games I have to concentrate. How can my ADD brain concentrate on a game, knowing that Random Thoughts is within a key stroke. I think all us random thinkers should rebel. If we can stay on subject long enough. Actually, I guess organized random thinking is an oxymoron.


Where do you think Random Thoughts should be?

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Bull, I wasn't even aware of the View All page until now. So I have no idea. Here is my method of operation(would have used the Latin term "Modus Operandi"but had no clue as to how to spell it. I normally go to Forum/discussions then look through the discussions until I find something interesting. If nothing is found, I go to groups and try to find a group that I(this is where it gets interesting) either want to wade in with my unique method of reasoning. ie: make people explain what they mean and how they arrived at that meaning, or that I want to piss off. I can do that fairly easely.
If I can't find anything, I might start a discussion or go to forum/games. Sometimes I just go in and start a discussion. I always read Pru's stuff and usually get a laugh. I usually stay in Forum, Q&A and games in that order. So, I guess this post isn't going to help much in answering your question. Just do whatever Pru wants, I'll adapt.

that one glass of wine has impaired my comprehension. I really have no idea what you're talking about.
Random thought; do discussions about tires ever lead to boinking?

If you engineer it right.
Thank you Chez. I'm off to enroll in some engineering courses.
Always happy to encourage further education among my peers.

"Random thought; do discussions about tires ever lead to boinking?

If you engineer it right."

doesn't everything?

Such a tool...

chuckle, snort, guffaw!
I bet Chez will be the first person to read this. He He
Jes' rollin thru...

Hee hee hee
Oh, I'm not so sure.




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