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I have roamed all the way back to page 6 of the discussions. All Right!!! I admit that I kept getting distracted by all the goings on, both witty and serious, while I was gone. It took me a while to catch up. But I couldn't find my favorite discussion. "Random Thoughts". Finely on a random chance, I looked in the Games Dept. There it is. I don't understand. Who thought "Random Thoughts" should be in the games group? It's not fair. When I play games I have to concentrate. How can my ADD brain concentrate on a game, knowing that Random Thoughts is within a key stroke. I think all us random thinkers should rebel. If we can stay on subject long enough. Actually, I guess organized random thinking is an oxymoron.


Where do you think Random Thoughts should be?

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Well yes, none of are surprised that you never had morals Bob. After all you are from Texas.
But I'm surprised that the Yankee girl hasn't yet introduced you to the concept.
hahahaha '-)
Ditto Deez!
morEls.......I got morAls.....most of the time anyway...:
I got morals too, Bob, but they're all questionable.
Morels are VERY expensive......you buy....I'll fix 'em up!
Morals are a dime a dozen.....just saying.
Quite talking about me like I'm not lurking......I'm not completely dumb....
I had second thoughts about trying this.

That caused my pucker string to pull up really tight!!
That was incredible darrol. WOW!!
My big shepherd-grizzly bear has taken to napping & sleeping in the little elevated entrance to my shower. It's bugging me for some reason. It's about his size when he stretches out, so it looks like a tight fit, and it just looks weird. My guy introduced him to the shower a week or 2 ago & he took a liking to that elevated cubby of sorts. Have I mentioned that it's bugging me?

and no, I will not elaborate on WHY my guy introduced my shepherd-grizzly bear to the shower; it sounds silly & rather embarrassing when I think of saying it out loud. ;-p

and btw.... while I'm having random thoughts...... WHERE'S ROBBIE?!?
Mr. is allowed to introduce shep/griz to the shower. Don't worry, no explanation necessary, it's a guy thing. It's not like they were taking a bubble bath. (That you would HAVE to explain)
Just think of him as an animated bath mat.




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