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I have roamed all the way back to page 6 of the discussions. All Right!!! I admit that I kept getting distracted by all the goings on, both witty and serious, while I was gone. It took me a while to catch up. But I couldn't find my favorite discussion. "Random Thoughts". Finely on a random chance, I looked in the Games Dept. There it is. I don't understand. Who thought "Random Thoughts" should be in the games group? It's not fair. When I play games I have to concentrate. How can my ADD brain concentrate on a game, knowing that Random Thoughts is within a key stroke. I think all us random thinkers should rebel. If we can stay on subject long enough. Actually, I guess organized random thinking is an oxymoron.


Where do you think Random Thoughts should be?

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OH, You are old!!!! Remember???? Things don't get better with time. It's kind of like the stock market. When you think things can't get any worse, they do. When you think things aren't going to get any better and sell to cut your losses, they do. Pessimism always works. If things don't get better, you feel better because you are right. I things do get better; well, how can you feel bad about things getting better.

Don't bother to thank me for these uplifting words of wisdom. Just let me know when you are feeling down and I'll be glad to pass on some of my philosophies for better living.
Get well Olivia,
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Life is full of peaks and valleys, but it’s not the pits all the time (use the law of average).
If your stock heads south, don’t look, as it’s the dividends that count (at least for me anyway).
I have a ten-inch laptop that I love. It goes where I go and I can talk to you all any time I want without being stuck in the studio with the big machine, which now seems slow and clunky.

No more stuff for now, though. I don't even have a cell phone.
All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand.

Galvanized toe nails.
Drive them in with a ball point hammer.
Too much zinc in your diet.
Don't refuse. Don't tell.
I prefer Sam Adams Lager to Straight Grey Goose Vodka. They will both get you to where you want to be. But one is a lot more fun than the other.
So. Robbie's not interested in being goosed.
I have a drawer full of free pens from the bank, the attached chains are kind of a pain in the ass.




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