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I learned to sew when I was a Girl Scout.  It was very important to earn as many badges as you could before you 'crossed the bridge' to the next level of scouting.   I fell in complete awe of the power of a sewing machine and what satisfaction there was in all of the cutting and pinning.

When my oldest son was young he was very interested in learning how to sew with a needle and thread.  I would thread the needle and give him scrapes of material to put together.  He took off from there.  Even in high school he would alter his clothes.  No, he didn't go in to clothing design.

Can you sew a stitch?  Fix a button, patch a rip, darn a sock?

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I own a sewing machine.
It's rather dusty.
Nuff said...
Yes, I can sew. My Mom and grandmother taught me when I was little. I made a few dresses when I was a 20something, but haven't done any serious sewing since, except for fixing seams, sewing buttons back on, putting hems back in, etc. I never learned how to darn a sock or patch a rip, though.
I have a sewing machine that you have to pedal, old Singer paid $35 for it in college. But I sew by hand, buttons, patches, helms and leather. I once sewed a live horse but up. Sewed feed sacks one summer. I have stitching awl and very old leather lacing pony (used like vise the hand sew or lace leather items).

Also have 2 Eagle Scout sons and 2 Eagle Scout nephews.
I've never tried to darn a sock but I've done the other three. I'm not saying my work would be given the tailoring school seal of approval though. I always just toss the socks when they get holes.
I can sew both by hand and with a machine. However I only use my skills for repair work nowdays.
I wished you lived here, PA. I've been thinking for weeks that I wish I knew someone w/a sewing machine that would teach me how to sew a simple hem. I want to go to the fabric store & buy material to make linen napkins.
My Mother, rest her soul, did teach me the basics of sewing, but didn't teach me anything about cooking. Go figure.
I'm with BAF on this. I used to sew everything I could. I even made bathing suits! I fell in love with sewing when I made my first place mats and napkins. I could even put in an 'invisible' zipper! I even made my first wedding dress. It was then my portable Singer, black w/gold scribing , died. I traded it in on a fancy new one that had zig-zag settings. That was in 1975 and I still have it. It doesn't do reverse any more...kinda like me. I can only move forward.
Nowadays I have a helluva time just threading a needle. I wish I could finish all the cross stitch projects I have in my basket.....sheesh.
Do you think I should hire some young eyes to finish them for me? Maybe then my baby of 24yrs would finally have his Christmas stocking.
We must have lived a parallel life!
My '75 model has never been serviced or oiled!
Years later I found the exact portable Singer machine..in it's case at a store for $350!!!! It was a sweet machine
Mine had a dark flip top case it set into.

Remember Neil Young's jeans had so many patches on them that it was difficult to see the original denim .... Well I had a similar pair of Levi Strauss jeans that I patched myself. I wasn't no hippie, I just didn't have much money to buy new pants, though I did think they were kind of cool at the time ..............




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