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What has happened to public service? Has it really gotten worse over the years?

If you think it has, what do you think is the cause of this trend. Is it our dependence on automation? Has the increase in electronic communication decreased our ability to communicate  person to person? Is the requirement to multitask the culprit?

I see that Southwest Airlines is the most profitable airline flying. I am not surprised. I try very hard to never fly any airline except Southwest. Have been known to drive over 100 mile to get to an airport that has Southwest service. Why? Because flying has become a horrible experience for most of us. Southwest is the only airline that I have found that seems to care for the customer. Their employees are friendly and upbeat. I have flown all other domestic airlines and most are staffed by the most surly personnel I have ever encountered. So, for me, It's Southwest or drive or don't go. Is it possible that public service hasen't really gotten worse but our tolerance and empathy have?

What about you? Is there any company or service that you choose because of their customer service? Or is low price the only thing that matters?  

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I feel customer service is important, however with the mergers and the lack of choice sometimes we are limited. Corporations don't need to compete with anything but price. The airline industry is one, car rentals another there are only three companies that own all the different brands, on doesn't care if you go to another because they own it. You are lucky if you can drive a hundred miles and find the brand you want many don't have that choice.
I guess as long as our computers treat us nice, we can handle the real life surliness.
Stir!!! You've had a makeover!!
It's just a small thing, but our local hypermarket gives terrific, smiling service; I think if I lived further away I would still come to them instead of some of the other chains in nearby towns. Fortunately they also have good promos and the lowest gas prices.

I don't fly often, so I haven't had much chance to compare, but I did like British Air and would look for a deal from them for the next trip.
Quinn, Of course it's about money. Thats what CapitolISM is all about. I'm not saying that Capitolism is any worse than any other economic system. In fact, I think it is probably the best. The problem with any Economic or Political system is; In just about any human endeavour there has to be a system of checks and balances. These checks and balances must keep pace with the evolution of the system. For this to happen the body of people affected must be be alert and informed as to the changes taking place over time. Humans are, as a group, pretty intellectually lazy. Therefore all economic and political systems devised by humans throughout history have eventially disintegrated. I think that if you observe what is watched and read in the current communication media you can get a pretty good idea of where in the disintegration process we currently are. For example; I remember when Kresge's five and dime evolved into K-Mart. They had the best customer service and the best selection of merchandise. In the 60s K-Mart became the Friday evening entertainment area in most towns. In San Angelo, Texas we used to go to K-Mart and look at all the new TV's and other merchandise and meet and talk to our friends. By the late 70s early 80s their customer service had declined. The new kid on the block was WalMart. K-Mart cut staff and hired less qualified personnel to compete. All at once, if I wanted to find a clerk who could and would anser my questions about merchandise I went to WalMart. The same type evolution then crept into WalMart. The same story between Home Depot and Lowes. The playing field is constantly changing. I remember in the 70s in West Germany; by law the stores had to all close at the same time. It was sometimes inconvenient, but you knew the rules and made your plans accordingly. The merchandise was top quality. Then, the American style of competition crept in. the whole thing went to hell. I still go where the customer service is best. Good customer service and quality products will suck me in every time. If I want cheap and shabby I'll go to a flea market. Or a used car lot.

Guess this should be in the rant discussion. Is that still around? Whoops, guess it cost too much.
You know at 56 yrs old, I've never flown on an airline or any fixed wing air craft. However I'm a no frills kind of guy, so as long as I feel safe and the basic service is there just get me to where I want to go and I'm a happy camper. As far as prices go if I can't afford it, I wouldn't be their to begin with. l also know that it's not the customers job, but I am almost always able to connect with customer service folks. Even if they're grumpy or disinterested to begin with, I suppose it's my smile, humor, empathy, and dapper style LOL. I guess I just love people, I think I'm more interested in serving them then vice versa. I'm not saying that I am special but I must have a knack for it, because at least in this department life is good. My sweety is even better at it then I am.
In my general experience, people who give a squirt about both their customers and their product are worth the extra pennies. Friendly service at McDonald's ain't gonna improve the alleged "foods" that you're shoving in your gullet, and seething contempt from a waiter at a four-star restaurant doesn't elevate the experience either. I'll always go for the friendly Mom'n'Pop place over the focus-grouped, "Take-Their-Money-And-Shove-'Em-Out-the-Door" ethos, even if I pay substantially more.
We went to Best Buy the other day. I had a question about a IPAD. The gal helped us and was able to answer all of our questions. No one had any because of a bug watching some video’s plus they sold all that they made. Good service.




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