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Soooo. You just find out that your daughter's boyfriend's mom, (The Jehova's Witness), is running a Ponzi/pyramid type scheme. I Dont think it originated with her, but then, I really dont know her that well. It's hard to believe that someone could be so naive as to buy into these things...

Do you gently inform her that the last guy to try to sell you something like this was led away in handcuffs? She can be pretty aggressive with her promotional methods, so , just ignoring her and hoping it all goes away probably isnt the best strategy. Somehow, I cant really envision her at Rikers; she doesnt have 'Crime Lord' stamped on her forehead. That would make her a ....victim. What an awkward thing to have to point out. How would you handle this (day to day) problem?
Mother Sanity

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After Bernie Madoff, I dont think many folk are tolerant of this stuff. I'm still trying to figure out where she is coming from. I've not heard from her since I pointed out that they were not selling a product or a service, but an 'opportunity for an opportunity'. At least if she'd get back to me, I'd feel better that she's not aware of the problem...




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