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Soooo. You just find out that your daughter's boyfriend's mom, (The Jehova's Witness), is running a Ponzi/pyramid type scheme. I Dont think it originated with her, but then, I really dont know her that well. It's hard to believe that someone could be so naive as to buy into these things...

Do you gently inform her that the last guy to try to sell you something like this was led away in handcuffs? She can be pretty aggressive with her promotional methods, so , just ignoring her and hoping it all goes away probably isnt the best strategy. Somehow, I cant really envision her at Rikers; she doesnt have 'Crime Lord' stamped on her forehead. That would make her a ....victim. What an awkward thing to have to point out. How would you handle this (day to day) problem?
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I would gently inform her that it is a Ponzi scheme. She might not know. it is better to assume she does not and start out slow than to go in full barrled and threaten to report her.
If she does know it is a ponzi scheme then you must tell her that you have a moral obligation to report unlawful activities.
Honestly, some 'activities' I tolerate better than others. She just introduced this 'business idea' to me. I asked her pecisely what it was that her 'new company' was selling. Honestly, I just cant see how someone can get sucked into this sort of thing.
I can't understand it either. You never really get something for nothing. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.
not for her familiy. According to them she's sunk a fortune into these things over the years. I guess its sort of a hunger, a desperation or longing for something that doesnt exsist. Otherwise, logically, these things are so transparent, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to see through them. I guess.
What if she already knows and is just trying scam enough people to cover her investment. Gee does that say anything about her character? Or how her son was raised? Sort of makes you wonder.
I think the way the thing goes is that the victim is conscribed to recruit more victims. Her kids I'd vouch for personally: absolutely ABOVE BOARD. As for her...the jury is still out, Its one thing to be taken in but to reciprocate makes me wonder...how long should it take b4 u figure out what you're doing is, at very least, unethical?
oddly enough, when I ask the woman what she is selling, she refers me to the website with no further comment. That kind of suggests guilt, dont you think?
For you folks who are not sure, the FBI does a nice job of spelling out different types of fraud schemes at
good point.
SMITH & WESSON....problem solved. ;->

If S/W is not a viable option then maybe you
could interest her in Jim Jones brand Kool-aid.....I
hear it's 'killer'!
Well, I think S/w is a bit extreme...I think she's probably just ignorant, but I'll keep you informed as the story unfolds. I have this pet pieve against people who take advantage of others...
Hmmmmm...I'll bet that if we put our heads together we can come up with
a brilliant "get even" plan... ;->




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