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Why are people calling eachother peeps? Isn't that supposed to be a baby chicken? Mother Sanity

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I think they are trying to abbreviate "people" or else they have re-named us as the Easter marshmellow yellow and pink peeps. Or else they are referring to their "private parts" in a ridiculously immature way.

Don't ask me. I'm just wondering also...
Jackie your name ROCKS!! Can we be Peeps?
4SURE! I used to be TheInquiringEye, but... circumstances change....Mother Sanity
But you dont want me to pee on your leg or anything like that...right?
Sooo...I can pee on your foot and we would be cool and you would be a peep? I'm a little territorial that way.
Okey Dokey...:-)
What happens to our homeys? Are they now referred to as peeps?
I think it depends on their bathroom habits...?
my people = my peeps
I know Suz...Sorry Sheldon. We haven't been in the same space since TBD 1 so I think he lost my funny since then..no harm no foul Sheldon, K?
my peeps my inner circle

and don't pee-p on them kevin!

They are mostly grandmoms or moms, so they have been peeped on a lot already






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