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TeeBubbaDee is going into the hospital tomorrow for surgery & could be there awhile...
I just want you to know, TeeBub, that you have lots of friendship & love & support here, & an abundance of people that will be pulling for your success & recovery. You're awesome.

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I love you, man. You hang in there.
You've got my thoughts & prayers & love & support heading your way.

D's girl, Thanks for posting this. He is a great buddy and we are all pulling for you TeeBub, My hip surgery was no where near as bad as the explanation sounded. Hope you have the same luck.
Somebody from Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee has to be tough. I made it through knee replacements and I am sure you will also come out of this better than ever.
Get Well Buddy.
Hey Bud you know your in my prayers and thoughts.

We're all with you TBub. I'll be thinking about you in the morning.
My kindest regards and best wishes, good sir!!!

Hope all goes well....thoughts and a couple of prayers.....
Know that we will all be thinking of you tomorrow, TeeBubbaDee.

Get Well
Make sure they shave you before putting on the bandages.

I hope it goes smoothly.
you're really into shaving & waxing, eh, Ubu?
They make those paper cone collars to fit just about any size post-op dog these days. Ask to see their catalog. Remember, scratching at it will only make it take longer to heal.




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