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TeeBubbaDee is going into the hospital tomorrow for surgery & could be there awhile...
I just want you to know, TeeBub, that you have lots of friendship & love & support here, & an abundance of people that will be pulling for your success & recovery. You're awesome.

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Hiya, TeeBub!! Good to see you getting out a little! Hope you're feeling okay. xox
Hi Sweetie, Yeah, I haven't been posting much. All these darn naps I keep taking!
Kittycat and I had a great visit with TBub last night. He looks real good so I tend to believe he's milking this recovery thing. Lots of laughs and I may have drank too much beer. One of the highlights was his carvings. Even though I'm impressed by those with artistic talent, art usually bores me however I was mezmerized by TBub's many carvings. This one he carved out of a decayed sassafras root.

WOW!! That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it w/us, Larry.
TeeBub - I didn't even know you were a sculptor! Wow - it's really amazing.
Show us more!
I'm glad you guys had a great visit. I had a great visit w/Robbie & his friend Mike a week or so ago. And I think I'm gonna cross paths w/CuppaJoe this week. It's too bad most of us are so far apart.
TeeBub, I enjoy cooking... if we were near each other, I'd be cooking up a storm for you, as my way of nurturing what ails ya.
Sad to say, when I am north, I am too far away, and when I'm south, I'm still too far away!
So, what you're sayin' is, I'm stuck in the middle with(out) you? ;-p
Wait a minute nobody from Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee ever had any artistic talent. Maybe they did but just had to get out in the world to develope it.
Lets face it,
Tee has talent.
Larry and I had the best time last evening with TBub!!! We laughed from the time we got there until we left... TBub is doing really well and looking great with his new hair do and all. He's new outside and inside!!! Love ya, Big Guy!!!
Thanks KittyC, I had a great time too. I literally laughed until my cheeks hurt! You guys are the best!!!
That's great! I'm glad you guys had such a good time. We have a great bunch of folks in this tbd family.




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