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Has anyone ever been a victium of this? I am looking at TV show now that is talking about a girl that had a nose job after someone make fun of hers on line? People can be cruel and do not think of how much damage it does to the other person.

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It is especially sad when adults participate I think. Notice that many bullies are the people who will make discussions on the topic a joke or say to ignore such bad behavior. Which works with a few sometimes, However I think it is to avoid being pegged as a bully! Child or adult, it is damaging and wrong. Of course that is just my thought!
Unbelievable...well you know what they say - puritans have an overwhelming fear that somewhere, someone is having fun.
Is it really "fun", to cause other human beings unnecessary pain, grief or trouble.
Yes, but when the monitors are involved in some of the questionable/attack material where do you go? There isn't a voted in group. No one takes care of the rules. You need to go outside TBD for that.
you are so funny Sandra . who has not stuff their bra In that age ? Luckily it comes padded now ;-)
I was the tallest girl in school and was teased a lot and I was ashamed and I started stooping . wish I had my witt then :)
I got picked on because I was the 88 lb no boob, no butt, no nothing. They even called me toothpick. Did I show them last year at my 40th class renunion. Those bold headed fat slobs. I had on my size 8 jeans and DD bra--all of it real. It felt good as i walked up to them and said, "and who are U".?????--
Seems so much easier for people to be hateful than to be kind. I truly wonder why that is!
that is funny !!!
If you’re the best looking person in school, someone will find something to pick on you about.
I haven’t been bullied on the net, but been out numbered many times.
Comment about the message, not the messenger.
Darroll, I hear you wear superman pajamas?
Always wear your Pj's to bed.




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