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Has anyone ever been a victium of this? I am looking at TV show now that is talking about a girl that had a nose job after someone make fun of hers on line? People can be cruel and do not think of how much damage it does to the other person.

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I was bullied in school. Instead of walking the long way around, I took the short cut - right past the 7-11 where the bullies hung out because I REFUSED to allow them to see that they bothered me. They still taunted me, but I developed a backbone. "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me."

Anyone ever heard of "Freedom of Speech"?
Well said, Maggie. I was so shocked by the experience with Tina on the old site. There was no freedom of speech for those of us who took the time to find out the truth. I was not allowed to speak the truth I had found, nor were others. The whole mess tarnished my experience there; I set up the Brigade at this site but do not participate as much as I used to. I feel pity for the ones who kept coming up with more lies and speculation. Tina did nothing to deserve that type of treatment. On the contrary, she was a shining Light on the old site and I am so glad to see her still shining here. I would like to see an apology from several peeps for Tina and her family but I'm not holding my breath. The gossip and ill spirited posts were harmful to her friends as well as to her and her family and I just want to see it STOP. Enough is enough. We have all seen how mean spirited some of the people here can be and we know who they are. I cannot wrap my head around this type of behavior. I guess some folks just really need to get a life. I am so disgusted with this site right now because of those few people who make it a bad experience for everyone. Just yesterday I got a pm from another wonderful member who is leaving because of the animosity on some of the threads. I'm not sure what caused him to reach the decision since I haven't seen the thread and don't even know what upset him but it is pretty easy to figure out.

Get Together:
I have been on here for years, the old site was a joy. But I have not a clue of what you guys are talking about that happen to Tina, or what or when it happened. I never want to see anyone get hurt.
I am not going to discuss Anthony's reply. I knew that it was him that caused Tina's pain. I will mention to Anthony: when you hurt a person, you hurt that particular person, not everybody. When you apologize to everybody, you apologize to nobody. As far as I am concerned you apologized to Tina only.

I am very proud of myself that I was your friend for a very short time. And I intend to maintain that status.
Thank you Anthony. I know I posted once in anger and fear when I answered you and I apologize for that. I 'turned human'; got a public reprimand from Kat and thanked her for reminding me of who I am. I am glad your perspective has changed and I am sorry for the hurt you have felt or caused in the past. I think what happened was much like the story of the blind men and the elephant, when each person only felt a different part of the animal. Many only saw parts of what was happening. The incident at old site while Tina was so ill really upset me; I was worried for her and so shocked to see that some thought she didn't even exist. She had become the focal point of my Lightwork after Pru. When I spoke with her son, and others spoke with family, I feel that the whole story should have been allowed to come out on front page, not hidden away in someone's profile because it was never approved for posting, and you had nothing to do with that. I believe the whole truth, as much as possible, is always best in the long run. I have never seen one shred of animosity from Tina towards anyone during that period of illness nor afterwards ~ only her struggle to understand why it all happened. I had no idea that you had been asked to never speak. Hmm... forever's a long time. I was asked not to speak on the old site. I wrote back that I would refrain from speaking on the front page but would continue to speak freely of Tina at my group since we were sending her Light, healing energy, reiki, and healers combining energy for her deserved honest updates on her condition. I received a private flower with a 'thank you for making my day'. It was cool. Tina always said something good would come of this but she didn't know how. If you have realized this, then good has begun to come of it. I just wish all the ones who have hurt her or others would be as straight up about it as you have been here. There are many of us whom Catnip speaks for quite eloquently. More than many people realize and she speaks much truth about it. I am one of those survivors of child abuse and I am of the opinion that what hasn't killed me has made me stronger. If I become cynical or lose faith in humanity my abusers will have won. Sometimes people act strangely to us until we know what their story is and walk a while in their moccasins. With me, the experience had triggered old buttons and I was rude to you. I just hope we have all learned something from this and will speak freely now in order to avoid conflict of this sort in the future. I accept your apology, extend my own and thank you for speaking. Peace All Ways ~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ Raven
I have no idea, not a clue what this is all about--but I am sure glad its over. God, what a mess, too many people involved--shivering!!!!
Blondie, I had little bits and pieces of information from old tbd, but when somebody called Tina by the name of Maggie, it all sparked in my mind and I understood that there was a lot of confusion in the whole story and I understood what was happening. As far as Anthony - I hope he was sincere. Do I believe that he stops hurting people? Not really.

People do not change that much when they are of Anthony's age.
Alla, as much as I value the life and feelings of all people, I want to respectfully disagree with you on your last statement here. It is my feeling and hearts belief that all people choose each word they speak and each behavior they display through out life.
I also believe that all people are capable of truth and untruth, success and failure, mistakes and victory. I do not believe that this ends until the day this life ends.
Each persons personal success is determined by the choices they make each step of the way. For me there is always hope so long as I draw breath.

What Anthony did, never having made claim to any type of relationship online with me, speaks to who he chooses to be as a human being. I am thankful for his words, the sincerity of them are on him. I choose to accept them as Anthony's truth, because I choose to find and cling to the good in all people.
That is how I feel about it.
Anthony, As sincere as I was in the other forum as to all that you and your life has been through, what your family has been through, in there love for you. I thank you now for this post. I do take it personally Anthony.
My opinion may not matter to you, however being true to myself I will state it anyway. I think it takes heart, integrity and honor to post any apology publicly. I am grateful.

You and I were not "friends" on the old TBD, so it seemed most unlikely that you would be the one to step up, forward and post anything, That you did for whatever your reasons, I sincerely thank you. I can only hope that you continue to know who you are and that what you did here does make a positive difference in the lives of others as well.
Thank you, Tina Volk
Alla, as much as I value the life and feelings of all people, I want to respectfully disagree with you on your last statement here. It is my feeling and hearts belief that all people choose each word they speak and each behavior they display through out life.

Tina, it is totally OK with me, that you do not agree with me. My opinion of you stays the same, you have guts and I am very happy that I know you now much better.
Once again I am reminded as to why I love this community that is TBD. The maturity and sincerity from two members that I respect a great deal is my reminder today. Thank-you Anthony and Tina.
Moosie, I have to disappoint you - I do not have a hate list. But you are right about me scrutinizing every situation. I scrutinize and will continue doing that. That's the main reason I am not screwed up in life, may be that's why I come to the right conclusions and have no regrets in my life. I am not going to fight with you, I will avoid you. I hope you will do the same after scrutinizing this situation.




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