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Has anyone ever been a victium of this? I am looking at TV show now that is talking about a girl that had a nose job after someone make fun of hers on line? People can be cruel and do not think of how much damage it does to the other person.

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I seem to remember an incident of a girl committing suicide.
Yes, another girl's mother was convicted for this....I think it happened in Texas.
It happened in Missouri. The mother, her daughter, who had been friends with the girl in the past, and another teenager was involved, but the mother actually took-over and tried her best to isolate and hurt this one girl. It worked. The child committed suicide. The mother was charged and now there are cyberbullying rules on-line. Often ignored in certain groups...
Many have Faye and some were in grade school, some high school, and some adults. Some of those who harmed others were driven to the edge by bullies. It is a much larger problem than people like to think it to be.

Blondie, I don't know you but it is a topic that has been brought up before on TBD, seems to be one that is avoided by many, and brings on further ridicule for some. Then you have those that will try and hide it by posting as many questions as possible to hide yours or draw attention away from the question.
I think it is a good question and especially for online people. Thanks Blondie.
If people just had a little more empathy, bullying wouldn't happen. Some people are just void of feelings I guess. If they could only put themselves in the other person's shoes.
Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing, help with all people. I read today that if one truly wants peace they should stop talking to their friends and start talking to their enemies! It kind of struck me. Well said Kitty, I would pray that just one person would hear you! It could make alot of difference in someones life, or in many peoples lives actually.
It's very sad. I'm guessing it's most prominent amongst kids and adults with low-self esteem. They can hide behind a keyboard and feel tough.
We can guess that cured him, right? LOL
Good for you Brine, The world should be full of You's in this way. People can grow, make mistakes, learn from them and move into something better. I am happy for you and glad that you now know the difference. Blessings
Yes I am thinking this is very true Larry Kremis!
Is my name being used in vain here?
Right on Maria. Hopefully they didn't make the transition over here.

I didn't realize it at the time but I was bullied in high school, yeah still recall those moments nearly half a century later. Now, well quite frankly I don't give a f* what someone thinks about me. Give me constructive criticism and I'll consider it but tell me I'm wrong or I should do...?????

Ferget about it!!!!!!!!!!




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