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Okay I rarely do serious so bear with me.

There used to be a family that lived across the corner from our house. A woman with three girls and her new husband. A few months ago they moved out into the country. She worked evening as a nurse's aide and the step-dad stayed evenings with the girls. Can you see it coming? Dang. Yep. He was raping the youngest girl. Pretty graphic sorry. He's sitting in jail right now.

I know how it makes me feel and I know what I'd like to do that guy but I'll refrain from expounding on that thought. I doubt if I'll come back to this and respond. It's just kind of shocking that something like this happened so closely.

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Several years ago I was on a jury that was empaneled for an SVP case (SVP is Sexually Violent Predator, in California they don't let them out when their sentence is up if the shrinks say its not OK. But the court has to do it.) It was one of the most disturbing ten days of day after day, hearing what this guy had been doing to many many kids for years and years. Whatever happens to them is not bad enough.
Are you sure that it is true?
Well, he is in jail. I could go question the police about that.
They can't tell u until after the trial.
No---I am saying the cops can't disclose too much information to Ubu if ubu should ask questions, until after the trial is over, since he is not a family member, and there fore is not directly involved.
You got that right, Anthony.

I had to come back for a few things. The little girl that was molested used to come to our house and spend the night every once in awhile with my youngest daughter. So I knew her. I feel so badly for her. And the scariest part is that my daughter would spend the night at her house, too.
Tis done.
It's just awful when a child is used in this way. Ubu, you must feel helpless right now, especially knowing the little girl. Hopefully she'll get the help that she'll need to get her through. And also the rest of her family too.

Listen to TRR, Ubu. She knows what she's talking about. (((((HUGS))))))
This is why I don't like these serious threads. You're right though, DD, it does need to be talked about but hearing about your childhood saddens my heart as well.
You were robbed of your childhood Suzan. I hope that YOU are your number one priority now, I hope you're doing whatever you need to do to be happy. I know you're a very giving person and I know that makes you happy, but don't forget to give to Suzan too. Pedohpiles have been ruining lives forever. At least today, more of them are being made to pay. And today, parents and grandparents are better educated as to what signs to look for. Hopefully it continues to get a little better as time goes on. Another ongoing problem are parents who are too weak to tackle the problem if they do suspect abuse. If they realized how devastating it is to the child, maybe they'd grow a pair.
I finally found this thread and glad to report an update.

Mr. Child Molester was sentenced to fifty years. I just hope that he isn't let out in ten years for good behavior.
Thank you for giving us an update on this, Ubu.




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