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Here is a link!

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Pretty cool WS. Now we just need to figure out how to mount one of those cameras on Pru's hat!!!
Then we could watch her sniffing at the rose bushes she passes!

That MAP site is really cool, WS, I've bookmarked it to watch more later.
For a brief second there I thought I was looking at my own feet.....
Those are ears, Bob!
I know but just for a second they look like weird feet thru bi-focals....
One thing we can't see is "Russia from my front porch".......;=D
Yeah, I didn't see Russia between those feet.. er ears.. either!
I could put one of those things on my kids.
Darroll, Why would you want to put an armadillo on your kids?
Well, I'd use a scorpion or a tarantula on my kids instead of an armadillo!
WS, What the heck diid those kids do this time?????

Here you go Darroll, I bet Pru doesn't have one of these.




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