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My response to all the mediocre and ignorant people in the once glorious, now totally lost and almost dead tbd land

Calling me a spammer, deleting my blog post, ignoring copyright laws, ostracizing me, productive member of the community, leads to a slow death of this community. Unfortunately, I did not notice that - I was helping to revive the headless dead tbd body.

This community is clinging to life, but there are no ideas that feed it, therefore I predict that it will die. Forbidding links, deleting blog postings – total ignorance, a sign of a very mindless policy and disrespect to one of the oldest members of the tbd community – me. Community self-destruction process started. The results will appear very soon.

I thank all people that expressed their concern and support to me.

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Poor me,
I can't advertise on TBD.
MS is going to kill the anti-virus companies next year.
They are offering this for free.
It's about time.
Could some of the anti-virus companies be making malicious software?
Lady you made me mad tonight.
Pay attention to the damn rules and quit bitching about it.
Don’t you have any rules in your life,\?
You are a reflex ion of the product that you were pushing.
If TBD dies it will not be because of your effort.
You were out of order, except it like a lady.
I hate being online bullied early in the morning before I have had my first cup of hot pepper, crushed glass, and gun powder.
You are not so bad yourself, kevin Blake. Look at that gorgeous body. Mwaah!
Did u spell mwaah right?
Did I? I dunno.
Here here Funes! Oh my oh my.
If you think you have problems, there are hookers and pimps all over Jim Fayhee's neighborhood and a porn star died somewhere.

Just sayin'.
This person, Jim Fayee - is it a real person? Somehow I thought it was one of the fun characters, like we had at the real tbd, like Katya. Katya, where are you, I loved you.
miz Kat ackused me of bein a durn figment of somebidys pertend perspecktiv of life. aint true
Figment - that's how he or whoever it was called Nick. Nick - is that you? If this is you Nick, I love your brilliant humor. Katya, where are you? I love you 2.
There also was Nick. What a brilliant man! He got totally disgusted with TBD and left. I can not forget his brilliant humor. I wonder if Nick was also Katya.




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