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Usually I go to the movies and pick my own seat unless I'm real late and then I have to take whatever is available. Yesterday as I was purchasing my ticket, the cashier asked me to choose my seat and showed me a computerized seating plan. I chose an aisle seat as usual. This theater has been newly renovated. Has anyone else encountered this? 

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I've been a couple of times this year but it's been a month or two since I have been.  I've been to the movie theater in a Chicago suburb, Savannah, GA, and Jacksonville, FL.  Haven't seen or heard of this in any of them.  Personally, I wouldn't like it unless I continued to have the option to change my seat after I got there.

I really enjoy going to the movies and have not encountered that yet. Oh boy don't know how I feel about assigned seats next they'll charge extra for good seats

Never thought about the possibility of them charging for a good seat.  Interesting thought.  Let's not talk too much about it or someone will decide to do it.  :) 

The admission prices are high enough as it is!

I don't think that will work.

the only ones we have left here are the small multiplex theatres.  they don't have ushers or planned seating or anything, but they do have current movies that don't stay too long so I'm okay.  I do miss the large theatres with the entrance at the back.  That way you don't have to watch everyone file in in front of you and trip up the steps in the dark.

these gals weren't going to the movies,but,they did pick thier seat.




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