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Here we go again.  Freezing temperatures and upwards of 6 inches of snow.  Are you going to be getting snow and cold weather again this week?  This area is hilarious with this weather.  All the schools will close.  This storm is going to hit in the middle of the day here. It will be interesting to see what happens with the businesses.  

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We have had very little snow this winter. Cold..yes but not much snow...yet.

It's been coming down in NYC since 7AM and I'm thankful that it is dry and powdery as then the snow thrower clears it nicely. Maybe at 4PM after I feed the girls, I'll make the first clearing. At 9AM I went to my local supermarket which also houses my pharmacy to pick a prescription and the store was pretty packed with people stocking up! I guess that I have more faith in the city's ability to keep the roads open and to begin doing it within a reasonable amount of time.  

Carol, do you remember the year Mayor Lindsey hadn't put the plows on the garbage trucks and we had a huge blizzard.  I remember my mother being stuck at the hospital where she worked for 4 days.  It was right off the LIE and people were walking off there right into the hospital lobby.  My car was stuck in the middle of a major road for days. 

Yes. That was the first and only time I ever walked to the dairy which was about 7 blocks away to get milk. The ice and snow was about 4 inches thick and I pulled my 2yo son on his sled fairly easily there and back. 

It's supposed to warm up her in NYC over the next few days and no snow is expected. So I'm tempting fate and had the car washed of all the snow melt residue coating it. Looks sooo much better!

I've never been a big car wash person, but there is just so much satisfaction in doing it after the snow storms and all that gunk all over the car.  

 this afternoon.

How did you make out with this storm Tim?  We have ice.  Looking out the winter all the cars that are always gone during the day are gone, so can't be too bad here.  Schools are closed.  

that was yesterday,today is a whole nother crap.

How much snow did you get?  

about 8" yesterday,then about 3" today,then covered in ice pellets.




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