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Here we go again.  Freezing temperatures and upwards of 6 inches of snow.  Are you going to be getting snow and cold weather again this week?  This area is hilarious with this weather.  All the schools will close.  This storm is going to hit in the middle of the day here. It will be interesting to see what happens with the businesses.  

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You really got pounded up there.  A friend that lives in Dunellen had a neighbors tree come down right across his driveway.  Somehow it missed the house.  He and his wife had been outside trying to clean up just before it went down. 

It's snowing here again.  Just what we need!

yea,we're getting it again.

We're getting 8-10 inches here tonight and tomorrow.  This sounds like a load of fun.  Since I don't drink, I bought lots of ice cream and other junk food.  My son bought plenty of beer for them and he's going to make meatballs and spaghetti tomorrow.  

I got a friend with a plow if it gets out of control.i'm just tired,all day chopping ice again.

It sounds like you may need a plow, if you still have a lot leftover.  Ours melted here, so we'll just have the new stuff.  

we're running out of room.

The guy that comes to plow my parking lot has the same problem here.  

my friend plowed my driveway and pushed all the snow down the road a ways,this is getting crazy.i did make it to Appleby's for some ribs and beer.

You sure earned that nice dinner and beer.  

With a little luck tomorrow we'll get only a couple of inches because we're running out of places to put it too. I have one pile that is approaching 6 ft tall and another that is 4.5 ft tall. It's melted some today but with the temperature going back to the 20s and low 30s, it looks like it's going to stay a while.




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