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(this is not a discussion on if you think the war is right or wrong)

As some of you are aware, I work at a hotel where we accomadate our troops as they leave for the war zone and when they return.

Today we had a first, Being Thursday, this is the day the troops leave and it is always difficult. I see faces of guys that a full of emotion, but they usually get lots of calls from back home. The cel phones are always ringing as they get on the bus for the airport.


After I left at 3pm yesterday, one of the guys wife came in with 2 small children. She was there screaming, crying and telling the children not to let Daddy go. Daddy had signed up to serve and had taken the final instructions this week. This was so difficult on him and the other men leaving. She was asked several times to please step back for the childrens safety. She even went so far as to try to hide his duffle bag. I have been seeing these troops leave for many years, and I saw the senior officers puzzled in how to handle this delicate situation. It was having a negative impact on the other troops also.


When I was a Navy wife, I never would have cause any problems for my husband, and to me this was very childish behavior. Am I being harsh???

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It's my guess that 1GL has witnessed this type of behavior from wives of servicemen who have been sent off to war.
"Are you being harsh? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That woman, without me being there and only trying to visualize the scene, could have been doing this on purpose.......being a drama queen.........to get attention. If I were standing there witnessing this stuff I'm pretty sure I would have said "get a grip, Lady, and support your man......this isnt about you"

I can also visualize her during his time away, hanging out with her pals, getting drunk, acting like a slut......just to make it more difficult on him. I could even bet that there will be a divorce on the horizon. She was showing him total lack of respect. What a bitch."

UH Bull, I found this very offensive and the woman in question isn't even here to defend herself. I have three sons who are Vets and I personally wouldn't and haven't acted the way the hyterical woman did but I wouldn't crucify a daughter-in-law who did. Kudos to you Robbie, some things needed to be said. And some did not.
I'm not entirely sure that her response to him going off to war was completely innapropriate and I'll tell you why although I'm not familiar with how Iraq and Afganistan war vets are treated, the ones who served in Viet Nam are routinely shafted with regard to their benefits as if they didn't earn them.
In all the years I have witnesses these men leave, it has always been with grace and diginity. A wife or girlfriend may come spend the night and see them the morning before they leave, but always depart BEFORE the bus arrives to pick up the troops. If they are on the grounds, they stand aside, and they watch them line up and wave and blow a kiss. This childish female was sending these children 3 and 4 years of age up to their father and telling them not to let their father leave. She was on her knees screaming to the top of her lungs,"I have never been by myself before". The other guys were ingoring her, and when she ran and hid his duffle bag. He just about lost it. He kept trying to console the children and telling them to help Mommie.

Today I heard they have taken measures that this will not happen again. The families will be departing 24 hrs before deployment. This woman has made things so difficult for other military wives. I think she really has a mental problem and will be giving her children mental health issues for many years to come.
Some of the ladies are not ladies when their husbands go off to war.
Ask the vets about "dear john" letters while in combat.

If it is a marriage from HELL, a "Dear John " letter might be a relief.

You are not a US citizen and really get zorked.
You have zero power overseas.
Then they take your $100.00 pro-pay.
Then they take your $100.00 per month combat pay.

Then your broke.
Lately Darrol, I've personally wanted to scream about the high percentage of homeless vets who are entitled to about 2,800.$$$$$$$ per month due to the amount of time they spend trapped in PTSD induced memories of Viet Nam when they are so service connected disabled by thier PTSD that they can't advocate for themselves enough to get more than a lousy maybe $900.00 per month non service connected , income sensitive pension. Percentage of Veterans in general population>>>about 11%. Percentage of Veterans in homeless population >>about 25%. Percentage of mentally ill among the homeless? Not sure but there is bound to be an overlap. What could be more disabling then loosing your mind??? Scream on Lady!

There I feel better now.
Even less ideal now since the rules have changed and wives and family have 24 hours less to spend with their hero.
Fear can be a crippling emotion, in this women's case, I think it took over her common sense and that's understandable, not to condone her outburst at a most inopertune time.
No one has to go. The days of the draft are over. He had to go down to talk to a man and tell him "hey, I want to go serve my country".
I don't know of any union brothers who would go to work knowing that if they are injured on the job , they will be lied to and denied comp. But that is what we expect military personel and thier families to put up with to protect us.




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