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(this is not a discussion on if you think the war is right or wrong)

As some of you are aware, I work at a hotel where we accomadate our troops as they leave for the war zone and when they return.

Today we had a first, Being Thursday, this is the day the troops leave and it is always difficult. I see faces of guys that a full of emotion, but they usually get lots of calls from back home. The cel phones are always ringing as they get on the bus for the airport.


After I left at 3pm yesterday, one of the guys wife came in with 2 small children. She was there screaming, crying and telling the children not to let Daddy go. Daddy had signed up to serve and had taken the final instructions this week. This was so difficult on him and the other men leaving. She was asked several times to please step back for the childrens safety. She even went so far as to try to hide his duffle bag. I have been seeing these troops leave for many years, and I saw the senior officers puzzled in how to handle this delicate situation. It was having a negative impact on the other troops also.


When I was a Navy wife, I never would have cause any problems for my husband, and to me this was very childish behavior. Am I being harsh???

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Sad but true, and they deserve it and more, after what they did for the country! Have the utmost respect for our warriors.
UPDATE; this family was in real trouble before this young man enlisted in the military. She had filed for divorce and told the husband she wanted to be with another woman. He had asked his parents to take care of the children as she had deserted them. The military is going through the court system with him to get them permanent custody of these children until he returns. She(the woman,has ran off again). He was unemployed, as is the situation in so many cases these days. My heart really goes out to the young childre, but I feel, the man did show he had class. Most guys would have knocked the crap out of her. She is a user, and of children.

This world is a mixed up place, and some people are more complex than I can understand
It appeared that this woman had some serious problems. I sure hope the kids are with the grandparents.
With this additional information I fully understand why everyone would be upset and condeming her. She should be condemed. But as an Army Officer, I found that it was never a good idea to take action in a situation involving dependents, until you had the full story. I have also acted as the officer who has to assist with the survivors when a service member has died. That is not a fun job, but is necessary and very important.
I wouldn't have wanted that job Robbie. I did funeral detail once when at Ft. Gordon. Heart wrenching, I was a pall bearer.
1 Great Lady is very perceptive when it comes to people, she has great antennae.
This woman was nothing about opposing war. It should be apparent to all of us that her actions were self-serving with total disregard to her children. Lysistrata might be a good book for single women with dilusions of glory. For women who are married or want to be married, I recommend "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Blondie sure does get some good discussions going.
OMG, you're right Melody! Blame themselves for the rest of their lives.
When did our society make this change. What I remember during the second World War, Korean War and Viet Nam was that the one sure way to get out of the draft and not even be allowed to enlist was to have two or more kids. Was it when we went to an all volunteer force that we decided that leaving kids alone in order to go of to war was a good idea? I have trouble understanding how the same people who will jump up and down and scream about a lack of family values can approve of sending parents into a war zone?
Good point , Robbie.
Oh well, Can't stay out of this no matter how hard I try. It isn't just the idea of putting ones self in danger.
Yes, police officers, firemen, EMTs and military people all put themselves in danger to try to protect and assist others. However, there are some major differences when familes are involved.
Police,Fire fighters and EMTs do not normally go off on assignment for one or more years, leaving their families behind. I haven't seen any major TV advertisements offering college educations and medical benifits to young persons if they will sign up to be a police officer for three years. Being a police officer or fire fighter can be hard on their family, but once again, they usually come home each day. Or in the case of firefighters every two or three days at least.
Many countries will not allow the people in their military to be married until they reach the rank of NCO.
If you think a military recruter, especially a National Guard Recruter, is going to fully explain to someone they are recruting all the bad parts of serving, you are pretty naive. Military recruters work on a quota system. They are sales people, there effeciency reports depend on how well they do their job. What is their job? To entice people to enlist in the military.
Another difference is; last time I heard, a police officer or fire fighter can quit if the job isn't working out for them. If a swat team member decides that the job is not what he wants to do he can walk away. He may not ever be able to get a job as a police officer again. But, he probably won't go to prison for walking away.
When you are heading out to the green line to lay and wait for the enemy to try to come through you, or going on patrol into the mountains where everyone is a potential enemy and you don't even speak the language, just try telling your sergeant or commanding officer that you have decided that this job isn't for you and you are turning in your resignation.
I'm sorry but most of the people on both sides of this argument have never experienced being deployed to a combat zone so I'm doubtful that they can speak with authority. I know that Darroll has and I know that Larry has been in the military. who else here has been in a combat zone, or had a husband or wife in a combat zone. Who here has experienced a military funeral for a family member killed in combat?
DD, you can open a can of whoop ass on me at your convenience. My short commentary was directed at the condescending and spiteful vitriol from the party I won't mention - which she couched in the form of an 'opinion' of an emotionally distraught and defenseless woman whose spouse was being shipped off overseas. I have received a few compliments for taking her to task.
Anyway, I feel anyone who spews ill-conceived, ill-thought out 'opinions' should be called out, especially when it is directed at someone who is different from their preconceived notions.

And DD, I know you are a caring, sensitive individual.




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