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I have been out for the last 2 days. Just jumped in once or twice for a minute or two, because I have been having test run for my upcoming surgery. I click on my page, I have lost at least one friend, maybe two. What is happening around here.????? I am really disapppointed in whatever it is . I go away and start losing friends. Whats happening? I am not going any further into the discussions as I am not feeling well. thanks.

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Dear Blondie, I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. I hope that you will feel completely well again very soon. Blessings, Tina
Hi Blondie...What the heck is going on here is a good question. Maybe they just decided to leave TBDning. Some people get tired and move on to other pursuits. Well, just remember that you have a ton of friends here on TBDning and always will. Here's a big (((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))) from me. Hope your surgery goes well and we'll see you out and about alot when it's over. Love ya.
That happens allot on the net.
People seem to come and go.
Don’t change or you will become a "paper tiger".
People come and go based on their circumstances and time. Someone who had moved on, reappeared the other day so maybe your friends will as well.

Feel better and stay focused on getting better.
Dear Blondie, losing 'friends' is sometimes a great idea. Some 'friends' are there just to stab you in the back when you need their support. Some 'friends'!!! Now your main concern is to get better. Please, do that and please, keep in touch.

Your friend in good and in bad times,




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