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It's just a dreary Monday afternoon, the perfect day to have such an affair come to a close.

In the ineffable wisdom of women, she chose today to tell me. She can no longer wait for me to decide.

Driving home, tears streaming like the rain on the windshield, lost and wandering. I still can't quite believe that that will be the last time I will ever kiss her.

Even though this was not unexpected, it was still a heart wrenching goodbye...

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Ginger, you confuse me. First you say you may have had the last kiss from the man you love, then you say you have not known love, and no more will you fall in love.

I know that being in a relationship that feels like love, or deep like, or even commitment, and losing that relationship, even if you want to, is heart wrenching.

But then you say you will soon not be married, but you won't give your heart to someone who has already given theirs away.

Is this a riddle? Or are you heart sick? Because it sounds like both.

Peace to you.
Oh, Scott...you know I know... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5CaLMNnwhg
Very gut-wrenching indeed. As a side-note, your writing style strikes me. Best wishes for smoother days ahead.
How very real this is to me.
It seems that no matter how many times I see change coming, it's never easy. I become so comfortable in the familiar, no matter how bad the "blanket" starts to smell, I'd prefer that one to another blanket...Yes, I could wash the blanket, but that changes it. The smell,the feel, it's just not the same. The only constant on this planet is change, and it's still not easy.
Yes Deb change is constant and not easy very often.

As the Buddhists would say, life is a river, always changing, yet always there...

We must strive to become comfortable with the impermanence around us and to learn to celebrate the moment.

"Decay is an inherent component in all things," - Buddha
And so it is...
So, did she come to her senses later?




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