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Korea is now the world’s second-largest exporter of missionaries after the United States.

Just thought you would like to know.

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Interesting...what is their "mission?"  My youngest daughter is in a suburb of Seoul teaching English.  She has shared all kinds of observations into the culture there, including the fact that the kids all have one goal, to go to school in the US.  She also said that plastic surgery is a huge industry there, young kids getting surgery to enlarge their eyes and narrow their noses so they will look more like Caucasians.  The kids she teaches are 3rd grade through 8th grade.  She said Christmas is a "couple's" holiday there and only a few people celebrate it as a family holiday.

Very interesting first-hand account ellevan, thank you :0)


"She also said that plastic surgery is a huge industry there, young kids getting surgery to enlarge their eyes and narrow their noses so they will look more like Caucasians.


 That is both incredibly sad and profuondly screwed up on so many levels. 

It is sad, she said that the kids have virtually NO childhood because they are in school all day and then they are sent to private specialized schools to learn English or whatever subject they need help with.  She teaches in one of those private schools and she says that the kids wrote autobiographies that were all virtually the same, talking about how nice it was when they were "children" before all the schooling started. I think she was stunned, I know WE were.

Whih that kind of presure to mature as 8 or 9 yaer olds i wonder how many fial to preform and become solastic throw aways by 10.

These intence disiplin orented cultures are whiping uor asses in tecnoligy, actualy have ben for yaers in some areas.

Meanwile uor culture has ben over extending adolesent behivior into yuong poeples mid to late twentys.


One of many reasons that I think of us as One of the greatest nations in the world-not "the greatest".

It is rapidly becomeing very post WW 2 thinking to assume uor Top Dog stature on a world stage. We quickly wil share that positoin with others as One of the Major Powers especialy China I believe.

Hmmmm....Mitt Romney, a missionary. North Koreans, missionaries. This could lead to all SORTS of interesting situations.


"An Inuit hunter asked the local missionary priest: "If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?" "No," said the priest, "not if you did not know." "Then why," asked the Inuit earnestly, "did you tell me?" - Annie Dillard

Love it!

Ms. Dillard outdid herself with that one LOL  Thanks for telling me. :0)

 very cool thinking Snagg.

 I can tell yuo what some Evangelical Missoinarys are doing, first inspireing then supporting the "Kill Gays Bill" in Uganda.


In November 2012, Uganda agreed to pass a new law against homosexuality by the end of 2012 as a “Christmas gift” to its advocates, according to the speaker of parliament.[6]


The Vote On This Bill Is In Less Than A Week. 

I remember an old parable, with it's point being re-enforced by it's inclusion in Tom Robbin's "Another Roadside Attraction" - To wit, a missionary at a dinner party is boasting to his fellow guests of the excellent work he and his team had accomplished during a assignment to the South Sea Islands. In his own words, "Those ignorant savages believed that heaven lies within in the earth. Luckily for them, we taught them that it's just the other way around."

I suppose we're in part describing something like the Moonies which once was a major wave of missionary activity from South Korea particularly since Su Mung Moon, who special liking for America.   

As to what is happening now, it suppose it PSY that has been the most important Korean import since the Hyundai.




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