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Well, this morning I worked as a holiday temp at one of our local restaurants.  It was the deli/pizza joint.  I've mentioned it before here on the Teeb.


I was washing dishes (manually, no dish washing machine there), when one of the young girls who works there said to me (in a very complimentary fashion and tone)......


"Gary, you say that you're old, but you don't really seem all that old."


To which I replied......


"I'll be sixty-three next week."


She pondered that a second, and said....


"Well, you sure don't seem that old, I figured you were only in your late fifties."



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Congrats, some kids think I am in my late fifties also. I am 53.
HaHaHa! Now that does make me feel a whole lot better, Aggie! Thanks!
LOL! '-)
My students used to tell me about the same thing and I was only 60 when I retired. It appears that I am older than you
Stir. I have been 63 since March.
I've sensed, for some time, that you were a little more experienced and mature than me, PA! LOL!
Yes my maturity shows doesn't it.
But you wear it well!
I was questioning whether to keep chasing the gray away one day....My daughter without waver in her voice said, "Mom, you never look your age when you color your hair".
Well, that took care of that decision for the time being....until next time....sheesh..
I've actually had some compliments from women about the grey/white color of my hair, although no compliments at all about the styling.

Of course, guy hair style rules are different, I'm thinkin'. We can always fall back on that "distinguished" look.
My daughter tells me that several of her friends think that I'm the coolest Old Guy they know, for whatever that's worth.
Yeah, I hear ya.....maybe that's what is known as "faint praise".
I looked younger when I colored my hair, but I prefer the color it is now.




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