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I wanted something to catch peoples attention, and because this always seem to pop up on the original site. This forum area is much like the TBD many of us first joined before many changes and if we try we will learn to use it again.
I am hopping that this will show that if we use the forum tab as we did the front page on the original site it will make navigation a little easier.
There is a menu for newest, most popular and recent comments, which makes this function like the front page did on the old site.
I read much of the help pages last night. There may be some changes that can be made, however there are some we might like that are not available. It may take some time but it will be up to us to adapt and await some changes that we hope will be coming soon.
Ning is a huge network of small networks and one thing I realized reading the help pages was the original TBD network was unique. It was about what we wrote and how we interacted, not about what apps we added. It was personal.
It is my hope to see more discussions added to this tab(forum) and the blog tab, there will still be discussions in the groups but I think for maximum exposure this would be the place. One thread I would love to see moved here just to show how it can work would be Judy's Thankful thread and perhaps some Q&A's posted here.

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Brian's here, just laying low for a while. Felix is here too. It's just hard to find folks right now.
Bull, you are a breath of fresh air.
Thanks Pru, I'm glad to hear that he's doing well. Send him my love.
OK, this found me.
And I'm getting kinda choked up - sigh, thinking of old times, like last week. Them was the days weren't they?
I'm not nearly skinny enough though - come on peeps, help me out here - comment on this. Let's see if we can drive ourselves off the edge of the page...
Oh, poo!
Damn! It removes leading spaces. I can't even cheat...
Bull, thank you for this reassuring little bit of security blankie from home...

I agree about Judy's 'Thank You' thread. It is lost in a group.

Pru, don't worry! Brian and Felicia are here and well! And I see that Codgerprice has just arrived, Dottie - I sent him an invitation five minutes ago.

To find old friends, type the name of your 'missing person' into the search box on the Members Page and they'll come up. Unfortunately some have changed their monikers, so you may need to send out an APB or look through the Members for their photos or real names if you know them. Isn't it funny that those who were so concerned about security on the other site are coming here with full names and all?
*Do you think you can slicker him into doing that???*
Gotta keep the avatar, it's very special.
Try not to think, only have a limited number of brain cells
Boy, I'll say.
Yeah right, and I have some bridges for sale for anyone who believes that.




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