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Please take a moment to introduce yourself!  Perhaps you can tell us how you came to find TBD ~ and please feel free to ask any questions here too.
We will do our very best to help you settle in and be comfortable. 

If you are a former member just returning ~ please let us all know!

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Don't be shy!

I am reintroducing myself. I was on TBD years back when it was ?"new"....then it went away for awhile. I have been inactive for quite some time due to personal circumstances, work, my husband's illness and death. Back again to check things out and see what is happening.

Since my last involvement, my husband has died and I retired last December so have been going through lots of changes in my life. Trying now to get back in sync and go forward.

Love travel, photography, meeting new people, my black Lab, gardening...many others. Especially like Brits!



Welcome back, Barbara!


Well..Ahem...Let me clear my throat. Okee Dokee. My name is Jack and I like summer storms and long walks on the beach. HA!! I actually do like those things but I'm just being silly.
My name IS Jack, friends here are known to call me by my given name, Jackie. I have been hanging around this place for I guess going on three years now. I have met some of the kindest most sincere people you could imagine here, some I have actually met in real life as well. I am part of a collective that started up The Welcome Lounge and also one of the moderators. When I first came to TBD The Welcome Lounge is where I took my first steps into this wonderful place. People were very kind and helpful to my questions and put up with my silly humor. I hope anybody starting up with us enjoys the same experiences. The community is open to you, come on in.
Thanks J Lee S!
I've been around for a dogs age it seems too - joined TBD July 12th '08 on the day I read about it in a magazine. It was and still is an eclectic group of people who have joined together to learn from one another as we continue to try and figure out what "to be determined" ( TeeBeeDee - get it ? ;) really means!

Like a mutt I'm an odd mixture of European, British, Canadian and American with an accent to match - a "Boomer" + zip = Zoomer ! I too have had the privilege of meeting a number of TBD members, several are very close friends, and several of my own close personal friends have joined me here on TBD. We are all a fun and feisty bunch of coconuts who love to tease and play and learn from one another. Do please check out the Q&A group, the Forum Group for discussions and games, the fun right here in The Welcome Lounge, and our many groups (access and a good overview is available from the main page or by clicking on "groups" above in the header) - we are sure you will find your niche and settle in.

We are on call if you need us, and we look forward to your participation!
Hi, I'm Snagg and apparently I'm the anti-Christ. You'd think that something like that would come with a manual, but I guess I'll just have to wing it. Ah, well...Life's about Learning.

I like ear-splitting cacophony, long, stumbling walks on toxic beaches, poking mean people through the bars of their cages with a pointed stick, the vigorous exchange of wildly-differing viewpoints, habanero peppers and subtlety.

I came here searching for fresh meat, and I found it. Ya just gotta know where to look. But I also made friends with some adventurous souls, I've invited several of them to our house but nobody's been crazy enough to accept, I've laughed, I've cried and I've kissed ten bucks good-bye. I think I'll stick around here. Some people even think I'm funny.
Hi, I'm CWO3ROBBIE, Oh, AND I'M A TeeBeeDeeAHOLIC. I first found tbd in early 2008 and have been coming back ever since. It is a great place to spend time. Look around. You "will" find people who share your interests,values, and sense of humor; no matter how offbeat. There is a group for almost every interest. If you don't find one that satisfies one of your needs, start one. You may want to lurk awhile and see how all this works. But it is also acceptable to jump right in and learn how it works. Just don't be too thin skinned. If you are, start a group for the easily offended. I'm not sure we have one of those, but one may be needed.
don't be shy! Feel free to ask anyone how to navigate around the site. Or, if shy, ask a moderator. Help will be provided.
A good place to start is on the upper right at the tab labeled FAQ/Help.
Hello, I am PA formerly know as PickleAllen but I got tired of typing such a long name. I don't know how diana does it. I have been here mostly since October of 2007. I read about it is Newsweek and joined. I have met lots of very interesting people some very kind and good, some not so. On the original site I was involved in the political discussions a lot but not so much now. I have met a few people from the site in person and they were wonderful people.
People tell me that I have a dry wit but I don't think so. I just don't think like most people.
Thank you everyone ! Those who have stepped up to the plate so far with their introductions are people you ( as a newbie) can count on to help you navigate TBD ! We look forward to hearing from other long time "stalwart" members.

In the mean time - are there any new members (or relatively new) who wish to share a little bit of themselves with us? We would love to hear from you!
Hi all! I'm Cat. I love TBD, and have been around here since October of 2007. My "home" was/still is The Daily Grind. Please don't be shy. We all started out a little bit shy, but really, I've met some of my favorite people here on TBD, and I am SHY! I've now met close to 30 folks from TBD in real life, and it's funny how when I've met them we all felt like we'd known each other for years. Believe me, there are great people here on this site, and I've never found another site like it.

I'm from western Pennsylvania. I love kayaking, being on the water, gardening and pretty much doing anything outdoors. Darn. . . I should've moved south years ago because I'm not a winter outdoors person. I have a huge golden retriever named Copper who is now getting up in years and it breaks my heart to see him get old. (wonder if anyone says that about me).

I'm so glad to see everyone here. Stop by and say hello on my page or on the different groups here!
I used answerology.com and someone invited me to the old teebeedeesite. When it closed, I came here. Don't get here very often any more as my home computer crashed for good. Someday I hope to buy a new computer. My computer is 8 yrs old and I guess that is old in comptuer yearsx
Hi Bonnie! Great to meet you!




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