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I had a routine checkup this morning at the VA in Cleveland, (everything's great, I'm healthy as a horse). There you will find many crippled, old grey-haired veterans. It doesn't sound uplifting but it is. These people are smiling, talking and joking, it's obvious that they're grateful to be cared for. Their attitude is contageous. The attitude of the staff is just as uplifting, from janitorial, information people (the place is huge), techs, nurses and doctors.




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Hi Larry, Glad to know you are as healthy as a horses ass, err... I mean horse. All kidding aside, I think the Vets deserve the best medical car possible. These are men and women that have laid their lives on the line for our country, and many have paid a very high price for doing so.
Of you're helthy as a horse, it must only be due to Kitty's excellent care of you. A good wife like that is a treasure to behold! Looks like you'll be loving on Kitty a lot more years, Larry!
As a child my father worked asa psychiatrist at a va hospital. I still have his notes. The 'safe' patients were permitted to roam or even work on the grounds. Did you see shudder island? (it was great). Just like that...shackled and sometimes manicled. They'd follow us down to the river as we played....
I guess "healthy as a horse" is a saying known only to Western PA.
I am a Vietnam Veteran, but when I applied to the VA I was turned down because of my net worth. I feel this is a promise the government made to us who served in the military, but now they are means testing.
I guess it is perception by perception.

My brother is an RN (no, no spandex skirts and white tights yet) at the VA in Maywood, IL. My Dad is a regular patient at that VA Hospital. I've been there many times as my Dad grows older.

I work on the legal side of medical, so seeing and hearing about it first hand is a complete 180. I can say that my Dad (patient) and my brother (medical staff) really do seem happy with the environment at Hines VA. I saw state of the art practices on my visits. I have been surprised and illuminated by the progress at this facility.

Red One: My Dad was also turned down because of net worth, then re-considered with the help of a social worker, when his problems were fully explained. (Example: His handicapped wife could not drive him the 30 miles to the VA and back everyday for treatments....)

Keep trying to make the VA work for you. They have truly evolved, in my opinion.
Thanks for the advice Sme. I will try again and see what happens.
Red, try again, and again, and again, if you have too. (hope this isn't the case!!!) Remember, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease. Our Vets deserve the best this country has to offer. Sadly, the red tape gets in the way sometimes, and some of our finest fall through the cracks.
I volunteered in a VA hospital when I was in college and everyone was very upbeat and pretty happy. They were accepting of their current plight and ready to deal with it. The cheap cigarettes were good too way back then.
The childrens father being a vietnam Vet, can get nothings because of income and net worth. Has something changed recently? The last books he had said he could not have income of no more than 12K per yr., meaning he had to be in sad shape.
Red One and blondie, I believe things have changed with the VA regarding a veteran's net worth. I started with the VA last Sep or Oct. I don't qualify for 100% benefits, but so far I only pay $8 per month per prescription and $10 per regular doctor's visit, specialists are $50. I don't know what would happen if I had anything major to take care of. I've had a stress test, echocardiogram and today they did an echo of my carotids. The stress test cost me $50, I'm not sure what the rest will cost. It's well worth checking it out again. My net worth isn't much, we own a modest home and my retirement income isn't much.
Thanks, Lar for the information and I will try again. I am not a rich man, just very comfortable. It just another thing the government has done that certainly irritated me when they denied me entry into the VA system. When I served in the military many years ago they told us you will always have the VA Health Benefits if you need them. BTW, This is why I'm very skeptical of the Obama Health care program because of the government involvement.




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