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If you could spend a day with me what would we do?

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LOTS of riding--that's assuming you have horses, lol. I'd help out on the farm (no butchering, though). I'd want to see your favorite sights--I haven't been anywhere in Texas for many years. If there was an Aggie game you wanted to attend, I'd go and yell "gig 'em" 'till I'm hoarse. And, of course, we'd have prune kolaches and coffee.

That was the G-rated, polite, and politically correct answer.  ツ

Most of that would work, except I have not had horses on the farm since early 70's.

I'd ask if you could take me to visit David Austin's roses in Tyler. I order from them, and their roses are wonderful, (that  is, if you could stand what may be boredom for you).

Drink Lone Star Beer if they still make it.

Lone Star moved their production from San Antonio to Longview and since move production now to Ft Worth. We have a better beer in Shiner Texas not far from me with tours and free samples.

Wow, Westerly--great idea. I didn't even think of that. I wanna go with you and Aggie!

I should've known you'd love David Austin roses. In my garden in DC I had a bunch of them--Constance Spry, Summer Song, Pat Austin, etc., and a beautiful climber the name of which escapes me. Amazing roses.

On second thought, I just bought new car,  we could do a road trip.  Cows ate all my roses in the yard.

Close as I have be the Tyler is "The Tyler Rose", Earl Campbell he now makes some great sausage. How about a tour of Blue Bell Ice Cream in Brenham.

Both ice cream and sausage sound good to me. New car sounds good, too.

(My four favorite from David Austin are: Windemere, Munstead Wood, and 2 floribundas, Scentimental, and the bright scarlet, Oh, My!).

I thought all roses were white, yellow, pink and red.

And the Aggie Rose.

That is crazy! (I didn't know cows ate roses, though. How can they do that. Don't the thorns hurt their mouths?)

The cows eat the leaves and flowers only.




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