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Sometimes we don't quite hear what was said. Post some miscommunication...

I'll start:

Gelato or Felatio?

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You would be right, Quinny...

Continuing in my direction, here's another Bucky special... I hope the link comes through right.
Yes. Just click on the right hand arrow and look for the first cartoon.
You lost your testicles?

Oh, your specticals.
Uhm, big difference SeaRain! Ouch, although I have none of the former "Tolousse."

My favorite is still Emily Latella's (Gilda Radner's) skit about "sax and violins" on television.
Still love her. "What's wrong with a little music?"
To lose or Tolousse...?!!!?

Bear with me....Here's the Kamikaze Scotsmen sketch including the "No Time to Lose (Tolousse?) Clinic...kills me every time!!!

Oh, dear, those New Directions paperbacks aren't about that at all...




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