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Sometimes we don't quite hear what was said. Post some miscommunication...

I'll start:

Gelato or Felatio?

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Oh, Scott, did you say 'underpants'? I thought you said 'handerpants'!
Hands in your pants?
AFB, here's your fork'n knife, and I'll raise you two spoons...

Redondo beach, oops, Q didn't mean to call you a beach...
monotonous, monogamous...
one causes the other, but I forget witch is which...
My grumpy friends and I believe we may be going through mental pause.
I saw a son on the beach yesterday.
I told my wife I loved her from the heart of my bottom.
Gawwwwddd, there is nothing I like better than a good spoonerism... men after my own heart.
Men are usually after more than your heart,
spinning spoons like flax on a distaff...




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