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Why would you want to live anywhere else? You Yankees just don't know what you are missing.

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Fish 'n chips are very popular up here. That's why Skipper's restaurant is still in business up here.
Southern accents are cute, especially when the ladies are talking!
Yankees ROCK, unless we're talking baseball, of course....
Been south, lived there ten years and couldn't wait to get home!

I could share why Orianb, but then that would just give more cause to call me a "damned Yankee!" LoL
Ya'll got rocks! I got cows!
Seen on a N.C. automobile's bumper sticker..."HAPPINESS IS A YANKEE MOVING BACK NORTH"

Quoting Brother Dave Gardner "You ain't ever heard of anybody retiring to The North, have you?!!!?"

Bevo likes Texas!

Texas also has Blue Bell and Bluebonnets!
OMG what r u doing in Jersey???.....I was born and raised there and went West and then south and west again. Friendlier in South
Oh Tina, I would never call you a "dammed Yankee".
The difference between a Yankee, and a dammed Yankee, is that dammed Yankees come here and DON'T leave.
You left, that makes you just a regular ole Yankee.
Been waiting for the civil war to resume on this tread..
Don't laugh Buddy, they just might come back.
I don't want to get into pig money. (Where the cities made their own money)
Don't throw away any wooden nickels either.
Cahaba, Alabama is a deserted antebellum town reminiscent of the old Hee-Haw line, "if it weren't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all." Once the first capital of Alabama, this place was the good life's poster child. That was before the floods, the tragedies of war and pains of reconstruction. Today coyotes, squirrels and alligators roam the crumbling remains of the once proud boomtown.

Today's southern quote comes from a tour map of Cahaba. Pulled from the obituary of a prominent citizen of the 1800's named Joseph Babcock, this excerpt suggests our Mr. Babcock suffered from the same streak of luck that took down his beloved Cahaba. It reads...

"When Babcock suffered a stroke, Rev. Cotten and Doctor Ulmer rushed to his side. Ulmer bled him, caused him to vomit, gave him an enema, and administered electric shock. The patient died shortly after the treatment." --Southern history as recounted in a tour map of Cahaba Alabama




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