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I hear them whisper ''here she goes, she's off with the faeries again"

Hullo there all you would be-if you could be faeries, pixies, gnomes, goblins and elves,
that like to stay and play a while in our wonderful fantasy realm, where, just like children,
we don't need any excuses to join in and simply enjoy re-visiting our childhood days.

I understand that it does us a great deal of good to take a break from our on-going
busy lives and set aside a little time to `get in touch with our inner child',
for this is where we are able to access our Alpha mind state again,
just as we used to daily, up 'til we started growing out of it around the age of ten.

My friend Tina Volk has kindly agreed to assist me with content here,
in a very similar way we did in a Discussion called `Our Get-A-Way Gazebo'
that can be found in Mary Snowden's Group called `Spirituality and Consciousness'
here on TBD.

I heartily encourage folk who would like to join in and post their pictures, comments
and/or replies when they are happy to, and above all to have fun and simply ENJOY!

Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.
~William Butler Yeats, "The Stolen Child"

This is a work of fiction. All the characters in it, human and otherwise, are imaginary, excepting only certain of the fairy folk, whom it might be unwise to offend by casting doubts on their existence. Or lack thereof. ~Neil Gaiman

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They are all so very colorful and dainty, thank you Tina for giving us some of your
very precious energy.....

Ohh, they are classic pictures - I've not seen anything like them before,
thanks so much Maggie.....they have definitely gotta go in my collection!

Words.....I can't think of any that would do these justice Tina,
put simply, they are S U P E R B !!! thank YOU so very much,
they are spirit revivals.
I am happy to bring any slice of beauty I find to share with those who appreciate beauty Ozzieowl....
There are so many wonders and such vast beauty given to us to share, to enjoy and to care for...and yet still there is war, hate, evil in the world. Boggles the mind if one allows it.
So your thread here is filled with beauty, peace and refreshment for the mind and soul...Thank you...
esoteric dreaming Pictures, Images and Photos
Well. since I am already `off with the faeries' now, (categorically speaking of course) lol,
I was toying with the idea of `esoteric dreaming' that is mixed in with astral travelling and the like.
We could even learn how to actually do it here together, if you wanted to, and we could share
some of our own personal experiences in this small close-knit environment
I would like to know what you think about this, and if it would be worth having a go - thanks.
Maggie, they are spot-on for what I am thinking about doing in the next little while,
and this is a perfect display for the subject of dreams, astral travel and telepathy.
I shall make sure I come back and check your video here as well, but that will have
to wait until I get off dial-up which I have always been on since I first bought my PC.
Maybe you could show me how to save a copy of a video to My Documents files as
I just haven't done anything with film or music videos, thanks heaps!
Maggie !!!....this is so uncanny - truly, your last pics that you have added here are
so appropriate for the adventure we are about to embark upon, thank yooooooo....

Hi, well, we are still away with the faeries here, and now I would like to add another dimension of thought,
about our very own mind's capabilities....
I decided to start off with this copy of one of my emails from a man by the name of Owen Waters,
who can be found on his site called `Infinite Being' and to which I have been a subscriber almost
from the beginning of buying my computer;

Nocturnal Adventures
by Owen Waters

Other than a few remembered dreams, our nighttime slumbers
seem to be one big twilight zone of consciousness where nothing
much happens at all.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

A curtain of forgetfulness is drawn across our consciousness
each time we awake from sleep. What really happens at night is
actually more vivid, more alive, and more real than anything
that happens during the day in the physical world.

At night, we travel in a more subtle world than the physical
one. Human consciousness has many 'bodies,' or shells of
consciousness, each of which functions at a different level of
awareness. The more dense bodies used by each human being
are the physical body, its etheric energy counterpart, and the
astral or spirit body. The less dense ones begin with the soul
'body,' which is a nonphysical field of consciousness that
exists beyond the limitations of time and space, and then go on
up the frequency scale of consciousness from there.

To understand where these bodies fit into the grand scale of
universal consciousness, realize that there are 12 density
layers of consciousness. Some people refer to the different
density layers as 'dimensions.' As physical beings today, we
exist in third density and are in the process of transitioning
into fourth density. Fourth density has been traditionally the
home of the spirit realms. It still will be after The Shift to
higher consciousness has been completed, but the spirit realms
will move up to higher sub-layers within fourth density as the
physical realm moves in.

The spirit realms are referred to in the plural as there are
many sub-layers of consciousness within fourth density. The
spirit or astral realms are also known as the afterlife. They
vary from the lower astral realms, through the highly-populated
middle realms, and on into the higher astral realms or heavens.

When you eventually pass on from the physical realm, as we all
do eventually, you will find yourself located in the exact
spirit realm that corresponds to your normal frequency of
consciousness. If you have strong issues to resolve, they will
hold you back a little until you have worked through them by a
process of integration. The whole experience of the afterlife
is dedicated to the integration of whatever issues of
separation were generated during a person's physical lifetime.
If they became polarized against a particular person, i.e. grew
to hate them, then they will learn to see the situation from a
higher perspective and heal that issue of separation through
the forgiveness of themselves and the other person. Then, as
the healing of any issues occurs, they rise higher in
consciousness within the spirit world.

The mentality of 3D (the third density physical world) is
SEPARATIVE in nature and 4D (the fourth density spirit world)
is INTEGRATIVE, or healing, in nature. 3D resonates to the
human solar plexus energy center, with its mental development
and its competitive nature, while 4D resonates to the heart.

The higher aspect of heart consciousness is the first stage of
spiritual awareness. It is here that, as a principle, the good
of the many is recognized as being more important than
immediate benefits to the self. This leads to a sense of
service where the person wants to help ensure that the best is
available to everyone.

This is the foundation of a society which is supportive rather
than competitive. In such a society there really is more for
everyone; much more, because the energy that was spent in
competition against others is now funneled into productive

At night, when you leave the awareness of your physical body
behind, it is not because your brain has shut down for the
night. It is because your attention has shifted into your
spirit body. Your spirit body rises out of your physical body
and prepares to begin your nocturnal adventures.

Next week, we'll take a tour of the spirit world and see what
options you have for the best of nocturnal adventures. And,
we'll go on to discuss how to develop better dreamtime recall
so that you can remember those adventures.

And so, I wonder if there is any part or parts in the above information that resonates within yourself?
Did you feel yourself nodding in agreement with some of the things that were mentioned?
Are there expressions you may have read that you have always pondered upon?

As for myself personally, I remain endlessly intrigued as I awaken from my slumber at the
beginning of every brand new day, I have taught myself to take my time when I realize that
I am beginning to awake to yet another day that I have been given,
not only is it better for you physically and emotionally, it is also the best time to
re-call the night's dream-states psychic-ally!
Besides this as well, if there is something that you have wanted to work on in the way of
meditating on a situation that you want more clarity about, then this time is the
best time to do that.

....to be continued, lol!




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