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U know what?  I am absolutely beyond the point of trying to comprehend the intellectual attributes of those who are responsible for the education of American children.



LEGO My Gun: S.I. Boy Faced Suspension Over Tiny Toy


By Grace West
updated 7:47 p.m. ET, Wed., Feb. 3, 2010

A fourth grade New Dorp boy faced the prospect of suspension after the principal at his South Beach school saw him playing with an action figure carrying a toy machine gun.

Patrick Timoney, a 9-year-old student at PS 52, and friends were playing with LEGOs during their lunch period when the principal took him into her office over the two-inch toy gun carried by a standard policeman figure.

Margie Feinberg, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education, told the Staten Island Advance that there is a no-tolerance policy for toy guns in schools.


Therefore the principal, Evelyn Matroianni, deemed the pinky-sized toy gun suspension-worthy. Matroianni told Laura Timoney, the boy’s mother, that she would check with a DOE security administrator.

But Ms. Timoney told the Advance that the DOE administrator said no other action was necessary after the toy gun is confiscated and returned to the parents at the end of the day.

According to Ms. Timoney, while another child had an action figure holding an ax, her son was the only one to be approached by the principal.

"It's crazy," Ms. Timoney told the Advance, "He's missing class time, all for silly toys. The boys are just trying to relax. If there's a real threat, why not call the Police Department?"

A conference about the matter was held among the principal, parents, and the child.

"The issue was resolved," Ms. Feinberg told the Advance. "The child will not be bringing the toy gun into school."

The DOE states that all imitation weapons are prohibited because they are regarded as harmful to the school community. The principal can evaluate if the weapon looks realistic before considering suspension.



(Ok--so here is my question--I understand and appreciate the no tolerence for guns stigmatism.  However--in this case--why wouldn't a warning to the child to not to bring this toy to school again be sufficient to solve this?  Oh--by the way--do the teachers know that the history books reguarding American History has stories about cowboys and indians????)

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So you suspect that the kid who bought this thing in is named Ralphie Parker?
More, welcome to the world in which we now live! Poor children...
It took the liberals forty years to totally wreck our education system.
Our leaders don’t put their kids in our schools, can we blame them?
Next thing you know they will be taking LEGOs out of the school.
I heard "they" are looking to dehorn the cattlle at the Ag schools .... and the chickens will have to quit pecking. We don't want anyone to get hurt .........
Furthermore pitch forks will henceforth be referred to as hay distributors ........
Aggie's like to saw off Longhorns.

Just for you Aggie

Texas donating 'BCS Champs' clothing to Haiti
February 4, 2010 12:17 PM | No Comments
Tribune News Services

The University of Texas is sending nearly $300,000 worth of clothing to Haiti to help earthquake victims.

The 13,000 shirts and 1,000 caps were produced to celebrate a Longhorns' victory in the Jan. 7 national championship game against Alabama. Texas lost the game 37-21.

University Co-op spokeswoman Casey Ellis says the shirts retail for $20 each, while the cap price was $22. Instead, they will be sent to Haiti on Friday with the help of various charity groups.
I don't know , all you Texans look alike to me .........
Is it any wonder our country is in the shape it's end? Let the "easily offended" hold the reigns of power and common sense goes right out the window along with accountability and responsibility.

So, we are told that " ...The DOE states that all imitation weapons are prohibited..." Then Ms. Feinberg says, "The child will not be bringing the toy gun into school.", thereby admitting that it was a "toy" gun, not an "imitation" gun.

I presume that even an Education Major knows the definition of "imitation". If so, why did she collar the kid whom she admits did not have an imitation gun?

Of course, she could have an M. Ed. or even a Ph. D in Education. That would explain everything.




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