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The other day one member brought up the idea of someone suggesting that the flag be flown at half-staff to honor Whitney Houston. At the time, I gaffed it off. I didn't understand that the idea was being taken seriously.

Apparently, however, the entire state of New Jersey did take it seriously and lowered the flag in tribute to Whitney as they did for Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen's saxophonist) and coach Harry Shatel (Morristown's winningest baseball coach).

In response, the father of a Gulf War veteran decided to make his own tribute to the state of New Jersey by burning their flag in protest at what he considered an offense to those who bravely served their country as members of the armed services.

The fact is that even nationally, the flag has flown at half-staff for many who did not serve this country by being a member of the armed forces. Some of those include, Pope John Paul II, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King and civilian victims of disasters both domestic and abroad.

Burning a flag is a strong method of protest and one that will draw quite a bit of attention and I can understand this father's frustration. I think that entertainment is important and Whitney was certainly a top rate entertainer, but I personally don't think that this ceremony was intended to honor talent, regardless of how extraordinary it was. I suppose that New Jersey is entitled to make that call and I have no doubt that many of the residents were in agreement about its propriety. I think a special Grammy award or an altar in the Musician's Hall of Fame would make more sense, but I also do not think that the burning of the flag was a wise response.

I'm just not a flag burner.

Do you think New Jersey's decision was justified? Did the veteran's father react appropriately?





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That may have been my post you're referring to in the 'Rant and Rave' thread.

Personally I found it disgraceful for New Jersey governor Christie to order the flag lowered to honor Houston. According to a national poll 73% of the country thought so as well. But, since he is a politician and governor he did it any way. More than likely he did it to gain political ground in the future.

In my opinion the rules stated in the link I posted above should be followed. Entertainers, no matter how morally strong they are or what they may do for their city or state during their careers, do not serve the flag in a manner that deserves it's lowering upon their death, especially those that kill themselves due to an inability to cope with life. All of us are carrying some sort of burden whether or not we make make it public, but thankfully not all of us turn to drugs to warp our sense of reality.

Mourn your dead any way you want but leave the flag alone unless your fallen one falls in one of the catagories above.

I don't agree with flag burning either. Two wrongs don't make a right.

I live in Nj and didn't see any flags 1/2 flown?

Chris Christie is a  knuckelhead, just trying to get votes.

They should donate any money she has to opening a rehab center in her name in Nj.

And one for Chris Christie for overeaters anonymous.

Thanks for providing the link Bob.  I couldn't remember where we had discussed it.

I think a rehab center really is a good idea.




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