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How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?

I had several crushes while in school, but did not fall in love for real until my 20s.

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22, that all I have to say about that.
Thank you, pickleallen.
I had a lot of fun from sixteen to twenty-one, but then I met the real thing and it lasted thirty-nine years.
So good to hear, Chez!
I just fell madly in love several months ago, at age 55, so all that was before was a weird stomach-ache.
Congratulations, Karen! (on falling in love, not the stomachache.)
Congrats Karen, I didn't know.
You never know, Pru. It could jump out and surprise you early.

For me, at about age eighteen.
But then about twelve years ago, I became very smitten again and it seemed more like the real thing; lots of chemistry.
I fell in love when I was 26. That girl played a heck out of that pin ball machine. Of course, not knowing what true love was,(slow learner) it took me nearly two years to recognise that she also "tilted" my world.
I am glad for you, realteal!
Yes, Pru, it could happen any time!




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