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How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?

I had several crushes while in school, but did not fall in love for real until my 20s.

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michael, True love in my mind, is always a surprise, It's not something you can go out and find. You can't search for it. You can't wish for it. You can't expect it. It just happens.

Well, for the fortunate few, it happens!

Really truly in love 22. Puppy love many times before that.

Does a puppy count?

Some of 'em can....but it takes a lot of patience to teach 'em.



I have a hard time talking about 'love'.  My life has changed in so many ways and so many times in fifty years.  What I thought was love probably wasn't and what I didn't see as love, probably was.

Good points Faye.


......I'm still waiting.

After reading all these responses, it's good to know that all of you seem to be just a confused about

what love is, or is not, as I am. Really. I thought I was the  only one who couldn't figure it out and, as a result, I was doomed to a life of emotional stupidity.




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