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Anything about the holidays...images, remembrances, experiences. What's more beautiful than horses and snow?

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Happy Halloween 2023!

Hi Angharad...Hope you are well.  I can't decide if the owner painted the skeleton outline on the horse or if it's a body suit. Either way there's a lot of work that went into that costume.  No trick or treaters around by me but as a member of the local community council, I was a helper at a Halloween event we  put on for the little ones. there wee some really good costumes including one little girl whose mother dressed her for the Mexican celebration of El Dia de los Muertos. We had thought we'd have about a 10 participants and purchased pumpkins and candy accordingly but we ran out of those within the 1st hour. We held it in a local community garden. That was the extent of my Halloween: there was no lesson that day as the facility was putting on their celebration for the young clients. Take care 

Skywalker dressed for Christmas. Merry Christmas, All!!




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