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Dontcha just hate hearing redundant phrases that say the same thing twice? '-)

Here's a few...

Advance Planning

End Result

Autobiography of my life

Join together

Poisonous venom

Unexpected surprise

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Let's join together, try to avoid an awkward predicament & hone our natural instincts so that never at any time will we be unexpectedly surprised by being surrounded on all sides.
fighting nonstop never ending battle.
A bald headed man said, Yes, that is affirmative. I am in close proximity of setting an all time record using the best ever basic neccesities by collaborating together with the exact same pair of twins who appear to look like fellow classmates.
rolling over.

Ummm... is that picture up there a man with moobs for breasts?
If it's a guy, then I believe the proper term would be chesticales.

Hi Chez!!!! Good to see you.
"more perfect union"
When writing an autobiography of his own life, he vacillated back and forth, but finally decided with his own mind, that the ususal custom of using true facts would be an unintentional mistake. So when he described the three way love triangle that consisted of three seperate individuals, it would be absolutely essential that a tiny bit of his own personal opinions could possibly contain within it's self many overused cliches.
(Ha! TeeBub, you've got a real knack).
Why Thank you Westerly, When I think with my own thoughts, I find that with a tiny little bit of advance planning, I get the added bonus of the end result being an unexpected surprise.
teebubbadee you are funny!




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