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Dontcha just hate hearing redundant phrases that say the same thing twice? '-)

Here's a few...

Advance Planning

End Result

Autobiography of my life

Join together

Poisonous venom

Unexpected surprise

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And don't forget an armed gunman. How many unarmed gunmen have you seen??
hahahahaa that is a good one!

a lazy bum.

have you ever seen an energetic working bum?
I like this one...

Gee, I thought all they had was huts.
lol "-D
a few more...

regular routine

green in color

basic fundamentals

... have we done "pair of twins" yet? Is that 4?
Former graduates
Current trend
Tuna fish

And, one that I am guilty of...Pick and choose
This is a very unique thread. Even more unique than the last one.
Well, PA, I think it's absolutely essential to uniquely one of a kind, don't you?
An anonymous stranger posted this.

'a lost stray.'

(teebubbadee that was funny!)
"Sometimes you can observe a lot just by watching."
Yogi Berra

"If we do not succeed, we run the risk of failure."
Former Vice-President Dan Quayle




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