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Dontcha just hate hearing redundant phrases that say the same thing twice? '-)

Here's a few...

Advance Planning

End Result

Autobiography of my life

Join together

Poisonous venom

Unexpected surprise

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If I made you smile, my work for today is done.
I am asking for a request for funny humorous redundent plenonasms
to be posted and written here on TBD this thread daily everyday
because I always have to have a smile and laugh.
I'm so happy I'm smiling because I made up my mind to decide to visit and see this thread.

Tee, you are a nacheral borned pleonaster, with an innate talent for restating the obvious, evidently.
Thanks Chez, I gotta be good for something!!

The present incumbent used a very unique illustrated drawing of an underground subway. His ultimate goal, which still remains, was to over exaggerate everything visible to the eye in the above said drawing, that had been originally created to be scrutinized in detail.
The members who had paid their dues gathered together on the first Monday of each month for their monthly Monday meetings.
The loyal faithful canine dog woke up from sleeping, alerted and barked
to warn protect the sleeping unawake human people in the house
that a breaking-in intruder had entered broke into their home that they lived in.
How about redoubling your efforts? Does that mean you're quadrupling your efforts?

An armed gunman who was standing on both feet, warned in advance that that he had planned in advance to completely annihilate the native habitate of the tuna fish.

The short little female lady that wanted and desired to stand up higher and taller went shopping to purchase high heeled shoes.




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