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Dontcha just hate hearing redundant phrases that say the same thing twice? '-)

Here's a few...

Advance Planning

End Result

Autobiography of my life

Join together

Poisonous venom

Unexpected surprise

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I've always found it annoying when somebody tells you the time, say for example: "8:00 a.m. in the morning".
Yes, Charlotte. 8a.m. is in the morning. Did you know that p.m. means evening and/or night?!!!? It's amazing, isn't it?
"wild" mustangs

and deja vu "all over again"
How about a burning fire? Duh, ever see a fire that wasn't burning?
And an ATM machine. Sooooo. that's an automated teller machine machine??????
(in that same vein):
PIN number = personal identification number number?
Back to fire... what the heck is a warm fire?
And how about a free gift?
And don't get me started on false pretenses.
or true facts
add to that VIN number on cars. That would be the vehicle identification number number
lol TeeBubba! "-D
how about...

suddenly exploded

each & every

difficult dilemma

...really? ;-p
Compliments of George Carlin:

My fellow countrymen, I speak to you as coequals, knowing you are deserving of the honest truth. And let me warn you in advance, my subject matter con­cerns a serious crisis caused by an event in my past history: the execution-style killing of a security guard on a delivery truck. At that particular point in time, I found myself in a deep depression, making mental errors which seemed as though they might threaten my future plans. I am not over-exaggerating.

I needed a new beginning, so I decided to pay a social visit to a personal friend with whom I share the same mutual objectives and who is one of the most unique individuals I have ever personally met. The end result was an un­expected surprise. When I reiterated again to her the fact that I needed a fresh start, she said I was exactly right; and, as an added plus, she came up with a fi­nal solution that was absolutely perfect.

Based on her past experience, she felt we needed to join together in a com­mon bond for a combined total of twenty-four hours a day, in order to find some new initiatives. What a novel innovation! And, as an extra bonus, she presented me with the free gift of a tuna fish. Right away I noticed an immedi­ate positive improvement. And although my recovery is not totally complete, the sum total is I feel much better now knowing I am not uniquely alone.
Wonderful TeeBub! Bravo!
Teebubbadee you crcked me up.

how about saying "hard as a rock".
Has anyone every seen a soft rock?




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