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I have a 9 pound spiral ham that has been in my refrigator since christmas. I was looking at the expiration dates as I was throwing stuff out  today as tomorrow is garbage day. It is still good until the 31st of this month. What would you do with it???? I will not have any guest until  April!!!

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Kittycat bought a ham in November to have at Christmas. The expiration date was Feb. something. She took it out of the package and was gagged by the smell. Smell it blondie.
It smells fresh---very nice. Got it at Costco right before Christmas.
ham is a cured meat. It should last for a long, long time in the refrigerator. If it is southern country ham you can leave on the table forever.

I bet it was a counterfit ham. Did it have any Arabic instructions on it?
If you're not going to eat it, give it to a food pantry or mission. What else ya got? Wine, beer, whisky?
Wine, beer, and whiskey donations go to Kitty's charitable organization, the Save Larry Foundation.
Go buy some green eggs--and then invite an entire kindergarden class to your home for a Dr. Seuss festival!
Watch Forrest Gump and substitute ham for shrimp.
I don't think I would eat it.
Well speaking for myself, I would eat it ........ Holy smokes, you got ham and eggs, ham sandwich, grilled cheese & ham, Navy bean soup with ham, Thanksgiving style dinner with ham , jambalaya with ham... My dog Charlie and I even chew on cold chunks of ham with spicy mustard and cheese while on TBD .... Actually,Charlie's usually on Facebook ........
Once I cut it open to see if it was good---I broke the seal and the salvation army will not take it. The expiration date was 1-31-10. So it was within the date. I know have it in the oven and this place smells great. It is one that is spiral sliced glazed,. Now what? Ham sandwiches, anyone??
Such a good idea! I'm just now making my chicken stock with all the (chicken ) bones I've saved. (thought I'd qualify the chicken bones bit - before someone thinks I meant human or some such, I'm having that sort of month . . ;)
So many possibilities, chop up sections into cubes and freeze (mark the date;) in manageable containers and use in scrambled eggs, stew, pasta sauce, and cut slices and wrap in parchment paper and layer so that you have a ham steak to defrost when you want one!

Friends for dinner or brunch - serve with mashed potatoes, make a little gravy, and add some yummy veg. - comfort food!

Now I'm really hungry!




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