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I admit, I never talk on my cell phone while I am driving.( But this is probably more due to my disdain for talking on phones). Nor would I consider texting. But I do routinely put on make up, or eat a sandwich, or root around for a CD. Is it possible to legislate against this? Is there anyone out there who is guilt free? What's your 'favorite' distraction? Mother Sanity

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My favorite distraction? lol, it hasn't happened in a while, since before cell phones.
MM.....I can only say I wish I had a wife like you! sighhh......
Yes! Spanking can be distracting.
It is illegal in RI to talk on a cell phone while driving. It doesn't matter that it is illegal, because plenty of people talk on their cells while driving. Kind of like it is illegal for kids 20 and under to be smoking cigarettes and alcohol. It solve the problem to make that illegal, didn't it?
My favorite distraction....a Mouth St. Helen. But my most frequent distraction is changing the radio station.
Yes, many have been made there. And yes, I think there is legislation concerning this distraction.
DUH!!!!! thats why I'm here.
It’s illegal here to talk on your cell phone while driving.
They do it anyway.
Another law that they can’t enforce.
I guess that's why politicians need full time jobs. Mother Sanity
If I had a 100 bucks ( the fine here for driving and talking on cell phone here in NJ) every time I saw a swerving driver talking on cell phone. And 500 bucks for every time I see someone
run a red light on RT 37.
I could retire a rich lady.
It never ceases to amaze me when I see just how many people think they can drive and talk on a phone.
I rarely talk on my cell while driving - and I even have the hands-free setup.

It used to be the most common distraction was my kids. My oldest son specialized in waiting until I was trying to merge onto a busy highway to start asking me questions. And with two boys, there was always the, "MOM! He touched me!" coming from the backseat, lol!

Now the most common distraction is my GPS. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I need it to get to certain places, but I get annoyed with that bossy lady on there who doesn't always know the best way to get there!




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