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I bought a sofa...divan...couch...love seat....

I haven't had one in 4yrs.  I'm used to it being just me in the LR...and whatever kitty comes to lap.

So, with the idea of company...I bought a 'loveseat'...just enough for two.

Now the quandry is how to fit it "just right" into my design.

I have rearranged the LR 4 times today.

They all look great...but...will they live great?

Ted and Lola think it's just one big smell fest just for them.

Give me some thoughts...not that I'll take them into consideration just so you know.

Set up #1



BTW, do you change around the world you live in?  Is it okay if the bed is moved or your chair changes direction?

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First I would knock out the wall behind the loveseat and add a picture window and window seat. Then add a walk-in shower there on the left just behind the chair......wait I'm in the wrong room....it happens..


( the first one) :=)

Put a cat on'em and your done.

Done deal...look close...Ted is all over it!

Nice to see/meet you 3L's!

#3, no question. (& I get paid for space planning. just sayin'... '-)

Yea, but do you have to live in the space you're planning?

I'm used to having "my chair" with my little milking stool foot rest and big Ted warming my lap.  On the loveseat it's me and Ted on the side.  Already I think he doesn't care....."-(

Oh, and to answer your last question... yes, I'm often moving furniture, artwork, accessories... tweeking, tweeking, always tweeking.
They make a pill for that, d's...

you're cruisin' tonight, her cowboy.

What part of "I'm PMS'ing" did you not get?



I know a cat that can whup that dog....
I vote for number 1 and we have the same rug.
You get points on this PA!
Do i get a point.....maybe a prize...how 'bout a bowl of chips and some salsa?




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