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Snagg likes to type Oscar Homolka.  Robbie likes to say Apalachicola.  What words make you smile when you see them, dance when you hear them?


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When I put a nickle with my paradigms I have a quarter.
Two bits!
Dusty Miller, Lady Slipper: two slips.
pound cake

(safer than pounding sand...!LOL!)
vichysoisse with lots of creme
Slurpee (Oh thank heaven for 7/11!!!)
satin slippers, silky slip
Applet I think it hast this crunchy melty taste. Brings the same reaction as Keanu Reeves name, makes me look around asking "Where, where".
gesticulate genuflect

gerrymander meander

prescribe proscribe
"Labyrinthine caboodle". My very special words which I love and use. Mine. :-P my friends call these two words " Dianaisms".
Both words just roll off my tongue, diabolically!




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