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Tonight at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.......I think the people who are going to be raptured should be making plans for the ones of us left behind who they care about like (for example) Athiest children & or beloved neighbors etc..  I am making a list of those things I think the rapture people should be making plans for, but I need a little help.


My # one: They should not eat dinner at 6:00, but eat at 5:00 PM so they have their ovens turned off. We dont need a lot of unnecessary fires burning the house down yet. 

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I will leave the keys in the Beemer. Do you want the truck too? The garage will be locked but the keys are in the top drawer on the right as you walk into the kitchen. Oh you will need house keys too. they are in the AC unit fuse box in back. Never mind, I am sure I will still be around.

One good thing is most of the republicans will be gone. Then again I think there will be an awful lot of disappointed right wingers.

I need a new vehicle for hauling dogs & various & sundry other things, like furniture & yard stuff. Bob grabbed first dibs on pickups, so I guess he'll get P.A.'s if P.A. gets raptured.

Anybody wanna put my name on a hauling vehicle? Thanks.

Cat had a different view of what humans consider to be the rapture
Keep their cars off the road all together.......It could be a real mess out there....

Uh, Casey....It's scheduled for tomorrow night.


Boy, I hope the Rapture doesn't interfere with my cable service Saturday night. I think there's a new episode of "Game Of Thrones" for me to ignore.

I'm reasonably confident that people in media won't be going anywhere.

I wouldn't worry about not being able to ignore things on TV.

My calendar is right next to me & I was wondering why it said Sat. the 21st......I hear thunder...Does that mean God is mad cuz i got the date wrong? Maybe he was giving me time to post this.....
If there was ever a need for the Rapture, that's it!!!!
E-mail me your ATM/Bank acct #'s.   I'll take good care.   Hey....the fb may go public and we...I....will make a killing!!!
Heehee...This guy has some more suggestions........

The time has passed and I am still here. We just got back from dinner and I didn't see any abandoned cars. I messaged a couple of people and they are still here. Does anybody know anybody that got raptured?

Must be one evil world.




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