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Yeah, I know it isnt macho but how many of you guys really enjoy a good love story? I just watched "Kate and Leopold" a movie with Meg Ryan (who is as cute as a puppy).  It's definitely a feel good movie. A love story. A chick flick. But it leaves you with a happy glow. So admit it, you watch them too. Do you have a favorite?

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I attempted to convince my last girlfriend that Marx Brothers movies were chick flicks......after all, they have comedy, drama, music and romance. I got her to watch one, and when I got up to put a second Marx DVD in, she quickly moved over to my computer and started playing spider solitaire.

Whaddya gonna do?
Hey,Chico is hot! I'll bet she was too young.

sigh.......one year younger than I.
I'm a huge Clint Eastwood fan. In the movie "High Plains Drifter" he rather roughly and abruptly takes a woman by the arm and sort of gently leads her into a barn. The camera doen't follow them into the barn, but I 'spect they weren't re-arranging the hay stack.....or maybe they were.
That does count as a "chick flick", doesn't it?
(I don't know, but I know Bridges of Madison County does it for me. Every time.)
You're right, michael, Meg Ryan IS as cute as a puppy! Okay, I know this is geared towards guys, of which I am not one, but I'm just throwing decorum to the wind & putting in my 2 cents worth, too. '-)
I not a movie buff, but I do enjoy 'chick flicks' when I see them. And I enjoyed Kate & Leopold. It's really a cute flick.
I think we need some lightness, some playful romance, some levity in these times of being so burdened w/war, economic insecurity, troubles from our very doorstep & beyond to international crises. sheesh! We need the break!
And how about "Thelma and Louse". good stuff there!
I’m a chick and I don’t even like most of them. Particularly the newer films—

Some of the old ones were good—Breakfast At Tiffany’s, The Way We Were, An Affair To Remember…But, the newer ones?
Pretty Woman? Really? Billionaire falls for hooker and they live happily after?
Tom Hanks as a romantic lead? Don’t think so.
As soon as I see Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson, or Britney Murphy I tune out.
Okay, if you want the guy's point of view, my husband loved 'The Way We Were'.

And I know what you mean, Quinny. I don't even know who B Murphy is. And poor Hugh Grant is wearing thin from overuse in dopey vehicles.
Not to be disrespectful, and not to show my ignorance, but I have to ask..... didn't Britney Murphy die recently?
yes she did Stir.
I liked The Way We Were too. Is it strange that I like most Robert Redford movies. Hubble Gardener reminds me of me, hahaha.
Hm, I always knew there was something I liked about you!




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