TBD on Ning

The weathermen say the temperature is going to reach extremely high levels today,
And everyone should check on the elderly and senile.

Are you OK???
Well, someone sent it to me!!!!!

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Dot's here?


=) Dot!
Hi, Dot!
I just saw Pru and she looked great!
thumbs up!  ;-)

Hey there everyone!  Well, other than being elderly and senile I guess I'm just dandy...

How are you?

GATOR GAL!!!!!!!!!! Don't care how elderly or senile, Damn, good to see you!!!!!!
OMG, love your pic TeeBubba!  I have a cat with a toilet fixation.
Howdy, Gator Gal your the one that told me about TBD while on Eons years ago. Thank you!
Wow  GG!  LTNS...Nice to see you!




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