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BORE ME LIKE NO OTHER! And hurry up before I fall asleep...THE BORE GROUP

Seems like Cabin Fever or After Holiday Bore has struck! Let's lap it up while we are in it.

I say: Is Ya Bored? Let's bring it to a new level! SHARE YOUR BOREDOM (yawn... hurry up, already, KarenSme...) TELL ME JUST HOW BORED ARE YA?

I am watching the little clock on the right hand corner of my laptop, and half listening to the same news that started 1.5 hours ago. Nothing has changed, or I will alert you.


Share your little bored life! Let's begin! How many pencils in your house? What are you wearing? Did you eat dinner yet? Have you named your toes? Don't comment if you are NOT bored. We are the NEW BORE GROUP. (which I will start later...)

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The neighbor kid got bored so he gave his pet a bath.

Oh, my gosh! You've got to be kidding!. That snake could wrap around that baby and crush the poor little thing to death before the parent could even get the snake off. It happens in an instant. Ewww...I don't like snakes, although I have handled garter snakes.
I am sleeping now.
I will not, it is called sleep typing, kind of like sleep walking. I don't even know I am doing it.
I can't spell s--- when I am awake. I didn't learn phonics in the one room school
Where I taught it was Redneckese.
are there regional dialects for Redneckese or is it the same North and South
around here it is "y'all"
Look out Pickle and Quinn...I'm so bored doing nothing that your conversation is beginning to sound interesting...That'll qualify you two for the boot!!! Look out, here comes KarenSme!!!
I took my truck to a drive through car wash to get the salt off of it. It cost me $4.00 but it was too cold to do it myself. That was the most exciting thing I have done all day.
Now what (yawn--agggh)-- what is going on here??

I'm just sitting here wondering how the heck life turns from exciting to stressful to "I can't wait to be alone so I can have some peace and quiet!!" and then it all leads to the Total Boredom Moment.

What's with that? I blame society.

I BLAME SOCIETY AND I WANT THEM TO FIX IT. Can someone call them? I'm too softly busy sitting and typing to call them.

Here's the number Karen, 1-800-GoF*Yourself




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